Hair vitamins are somehow becoming more and more popular. Competitors are still popping up. Manetabolism is a product from the Mane Choice product line owned by YouTuber- CourtneyNaturalHair. I was very skeptical about this one especially since it was started by someone on YouTube and her hair was already really long (without the use of these products). Across social media, users were claiming things like getting 1 inch of growth in 10 days and other anomalies. I’ve yet to see a believable image to have me convinced that this has happened. The price point is the same as Hairfinity, so I decided to test it for myself. I did research before purchasing (yes, these were purchased with my own funds). I felt comfortable that this was a reputable lab and brand.

To recap- I have been taking Hairfinity since the end of last year. I went to Jamaica and didn’t take any vitamins while I was there. I then took Priteva Hair Vitamins for a month to do a review. I got a haircut last month. The haircut left me at the same length I was last December… I started Manetabolism on May 17th, 2014 and just finished my 30 day supply bottle.

Here are the pictures and length check. My hair is currently in mini braids so I only took one down for the update pic. The first image shows that my mini braids come to about the same length, so if I had taken more than one out, the result would be the same. The next pic is the comparison of May to June. My hair grew about 1 inch. The lines on my shirt are about 1.2″ apart and my hair was crossing line 6 in May and just touches line 7 in June.

photo 2 (10)



  • Hair Growth: My hair grew about 1 inch in 1 month [May 17 -> line 6 vs. June 16, 2014-> line 7]
  • Nails: My nails grew at the typical rate and are as strong as usual
  • Skin: I had a least 1 large pimple everyday for the entire month I took these

Hairfinity [See full review HERE]:

  • Hair Growth: My hair grew about 1 inch in 1 month [Dec 2 -> line 6 vs. Jan 2, 2014-> line 7]
  • CollageHairfinityx
  • Nails: My nails grew at the typical rate and are as strong as usual
  • Skin: My skin remained clear- no acne at all

Overall opinion– The price points for these are pretty much the same. Both companies have periodic discounts. Both companies are black owned (which is personally important to me). Both companies promote their products using people with long hair or celebs (including weaved up celebs)- which I dislike. Overall the pros and cons of the business are the same. As far as hair growth performance goes, they worked similarly for me. I got the same amount of growth from Manetabolism and from Hairfinity. The deciding factor turned out to the be state of my skin. I had constant breakouts from Manetabolism. The acne was large and painful too. I suspect it’s from the high amount of biotin in Manetabolism. It’s not nearly as bad as the cystic acne I had from biotin, but my skin is not clear like it had been with Hairfinity. I always drink at 2 – 3 liters of water throughout the day. I eat mostly a clean diet (low sugar, low processed carbs, no dairy). The only contributing factor to the acne was Manetabolism. Furthermore, I saw no miraculous Manetabolism growth that is claimed all over social media. For me the clear WINNER is… HAIRFINITY. I get increased growth and clear skin. I just cannot deal with acne. I won’t repurchase this.

Click here to purchase Hairfinity- Hairfinity Hair Vitamin

Click here to purchase Manetabolism- Manetabolism Healthy Hair Vitamin (30 day supply)

Edited to add: I originally  bought a 2 month supply of Manetabolism. I finished the 2nd bottle. In the 2nd month, my hair only grew 1/2″. I had the same skin issues I had the first month but the acne was less painful. Thankfully I’m done with the bottle and my skin can clear up. I’m going back to Hairfinity for sure.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All products were purchased with my own funds and the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

13 Responses to My Experience With Manetabolism: Manetabolism vs Hairfinity

  1. Z says:

    Just to let you know, the owner of manetabolism (Courtney) actually was using her own products; including these pills to achieve her great lengths. She says so on her channel. Her hair started off shorter than shoulder length. Her hair was not always long.

    • Jay says:

      Her hair was almost bsl in 2010. You think she was manufacturing and taking these just for her 5 years ago??? That’s not something I can be convinced of.

      • beauty1 says:

        I agree with u Jay. I think ppl are so pressed about the hype they cant see straight. within 5 years? yeah right and even if she took them that long….your body can get immune to vitamins so its good to take a break…i jus dnt follow the hype as everyone else does.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well guys I jus started my hair growth journey and will keep u guys posted and I even color my hair jus to see how much this manetabolism gonna work.

  3. Manetabolism Shedding. says:

    I took Manetabolism and when I stopped my hair shed TREMENDOUSLY!! I wanted to cry seeing all the hair shed in the sink! When I commented on one of Courtney’s IG post asking if that was normal she didn’t respond and deleted the entire post. I’ve decided to just let my hair grow on it’s own, with additional TLC.

    • Jay says:

      Sorry about your experience. I’ve read other comments on their questionable social media tactics. Tea rinses are supposed to decrease shedding. Brew a black or green tea bag in at least 0.5 L water and use it as a final rinse. Garlic should decrease shedding as well. You can eat it or take garlic pills or find a garlic shampoo or conditioner (usually with the Latino hair products). I hope that helps!!

  4. Terri says:

    I believe both products are pretty much the same and it’s just how a person body reacts to them. I took hairfinity and experienced growth, but I had excessive shedding, breakouts, and terrible headaches. I switched to manetabolism and didn’t experience any side-effects but my hair growth was about the same as hairfinity.

  5. ness says:

    i actually took air infinity for 6 months noticed a huge difference now im taking mane choice my hair is fuller

  6. Jas says:

    I didn’t have any results EXCEPT acne!! I guess everyone really does react differently. I’ve been taking the mane choice pills for about 4 months and my hair is a lot fuller and grows about an inch a month so you know I’m loving it! More than the pills though I really love Courtney’s hair butter……now THATS creamy crack lol

    • Latoya Bell says:

      I Myself have taken hairinfity vitamins and im not bashing them at all but they did nothing for me none what so ever but again everyone hair growth isnt the same i plans to try out mane choice and hopefully it works on the past i have taken biotin pills and they have worked now im taking the biotin soft gels so i will see.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I took hair affanity for about a month. I have very thick hair, however after a month of taking the pills I noticed some major changes in my hair and skin. My skin broke out soo bad I had to go the dermatologist. Ive had acne before but never like this. I had pimples all over my face. I spent close to 150 in meds prescribed by my doctor to get the situation in control. I later saw some of the reviews on you tube and most of them said that their skin began to break out. I know they say that some people can have sensitivity to biotin, and I have used biotin in the past and I never broke out as bad. The product works as far as growth, and my hair did grow a few inches within that short period of time. But I also noticed as my hair grew the ends of my hair was thinner and I had more shedding than usual. I’ve also been natural for 10 years. I have stopped using the Product. This year I saw a lot of hype about manetobolism and thus far I’m please. the growth rate is slower, but so far no shedding, and no acne. I have been taking these pills for about a month and I hope to actually finish the bottle this time. Please do your research on the products and ingredients. Lastly, go to different website to check out people’s reviews on both products.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I started taking about 20 days ago and I notice growth

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