I’m a few days shy of the end of my bottle of Priteva. On a whim, I got a haircut today so I thought I might as well do the final review. I started these on April 2, 2014. I took two a day. I think I missed a day or two when I was out of town for the weekend (I have 6 pills left). These were the only supplements I took during this time period. I always drink around 2 liters of water a day.

These pills are capsule form and slightly smaller than Hairfinity vitamins. Priteva Ultra Charge Hair Formula vitamins claim to provide “vital nutrition for stronger and longer hair growth.” While taking these, I did have lots of pimples on my chin but they were not very noticeable. They are tiny and mostly under the skin, but I know they are there and they only started when I took these vitamins. Normally that wouldn’t be a huge deal breaker for me because the acne is something I feel more than see.

My typical growth rate is less than average at about 1/3 inch per month. I took pictures on my first day of Priteva and again today. My hair was just reaching line 8 on my length check shirt. The lines on the shirt are about 1.2 inches apart. To me there is no noticeable difference in length…which leads to believe I got my average amount of growth. My hair was in mini twists/protective styles and freshly trimmed so I know I retained any and all growth I got this past month.


April 02, 2014


May 2, 2014












Unfortunately, Priteva didn’t increase my growth rate- which is what I look for in a hair vitamin. I do think these are a good option for someone with hormonal hair thinning and hair loss because it has a dht blocker.  Many other brands of hair vitamins do not directly address that issue. To learn more about Priteva and to purchase visit Priteva.com.


These vitamins were graciously provided to me by Priteva for review. 



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