So I’ve had a few questions on how I do my braid outs. I planned to do a detailed pictorial but I can’t find the battery door for my Canon so I was only able to take a few cell phone pictures. I’ll do my best to explain what I do to get the results.

I always cowash at night and run my fingers through my hair to lightly detangle. Then I rinse the conditioner and towel blot my hair so it doesn’t drip. I don’t have any staple products so what I use for styling varies greatly. I finger detangle each section, then add product from root to tip, making sure my ends are very smooth. I spray my hair with aloe vera juice if it’s too dry.  My method of braiding does not change.

I part the back of my hair from the top of one ear across to the other. I use no tools (brushes or combs), just my hands. In that back section, I part in it 1/2 and make two braids. (In these pics there are 3 braids in the bottom row, but normally I do 2).

Next, I part from the middle of one eyebrow all the way to the back (similar to if you are rollersetting). I part that row in 3 and braid down to the sides. I repeat on the other side. I make 1 braid toward the back that joins the rows at either side. By now I have a large section left at the crown.

I part the remaining hair in half, usually at a diagonal so my hair lays orr center when I take it down . I have bangs so I take those out and braid separately. I make 2 more braids on each side . This bit I just added- I make one long horizontal braid towards the back. This helps prevent a wide part in the back after taking out the braids.

In total it’s about 16 braids. I know it’s difficult to understand without seeing in detail. Please leave a comment below if you have questions. I’ll also make a pictorial later on, if requested. I just have to search for my camera battery cover.

My hair in these pics dried overnight, but that’s not always the case. I leave my braids in until they are dry. I take them out normally…I don’t use any oil or anything. I separate mostly just the ends…sometimes I pull on a piece and let it go if I want it fluffier.



As I said before, my products change a lot. My goal for 2013 is to find some staple products. This braid out above was done with Miss Jessie’s Curly Meringue on most braids. I ran out, so I had to use up my Baby Buttercreme on the rest. The hold was okay. It smelled great. One thing with Miss Jessie’s products is there is no such thing as day 2 hair. I had to wash it that night.

Here’s a braidout from earlier in the week using Nature’s Blessing hair grease. The hold was great, but it was so messy and very difficult to shampoo it out. My hair was stiff and felt unmoisturized so I washed it out after 3 or so days but it still looked great.

Finally, here’s my article explaining good and bad braids…so to speak. I always braid very tight and I think that makes a huge difference in the appearance of mini braids and my braidouts.

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