All of these Miss Jessie’s products were purchased by my sister and given to me. I’m reviewing them all at once, rather than separate posts because many people say they are interchangeable.

First Impression:

The products are notoriously expensive with ingredients most of us can live without. These didn’t work well for my sister’s hair so she passed them on to me.

  • Curly Pudding- The scent is sort of odd. The product is purple and I don’t like that too much. I think the dyes are unnecessary.
  • Curly Meringue- Very light and pleasant scent.
  • Baby Buttercreme- This one smells nice too. I love the smell of most products made for babies. Why do they get all the good stuff.


  • Curly Pudding- I saw many reviews on YouTube claiming this product doesn’t work well for type 4 hair and I agree with that. My hair is frizzy and tightly coiled/curled and I got little definition from this. My hair looked okay with gel added for more hold. By day 2, my hair was a dry hot mess. I can’t even explain it accurately, it was like a cross between a loofah and a tumbleweed. I had to wash my hair immediately. Besides being dusty, the look wasn’t so bad but my hair felt horrible. I usually go no less than 3 days between styling so I knew this would not work for me.
  • Curly Meringue- This smells good. I used it for a braid out and had good definition. My hair was soft with hold. It didn’t hold up for day two, however. My hair was dried out like with the Curly Pudding but not nearly as bad. I washed the next morning. I guess I could have added more product but I’m not about that daily moisturizing and sealing or daily styling life.
  • Baby Buttercreme I used this on flat ironed hair and for a braid out. When used for a braid out, my hair was soft but had little hold. I put it on only a few braids and used the Meringue on the rest. I washed the next morning so I didn’t get a chance to see what day 2 hair would have been like. I’m guessing my hair would look okay in a bun only, probably not defined enough to wear out. On flat ironed hair, my hair was light and blowing in the wind. It had okay definition (my flat ironed hair does not hold styles well). It left my hair soft without making it revert. 


  • Curly Pudding- I’ve seen reviews where this product has done lovely things to hair but I sadly can’t say that’s true for me. I can’t think of any pros at the moment. 
  • Curly Meringue- I did like this as a styler for day 1. If you don’t mind ingredients or having to wash or restyle frequently, this is a nice product.  I would use it perhaps for special occasion hair.
  • Baby Buttercreme- My sister commented on the smell of my hair and she was like a car width away from me at the time. Who doesn’t love fresh smelling hair that’s not overpowering. If a product can make my hair smell nice without giving me a headache, I like it. These styling products work on flat ironed hair and in my experience it’s difficult to find something with hold that does not cause reversion.


Two major things- ingredients and cost!!!! Now the nice thing is Miss Jessie’s website and Target have run some pretty sweet sales lately. If you get these products on sale the prices are much more reasonable and definitely comparable to everything else on the market. The ingredients, however, are still a deal breaker for me. I can see myself using these products for an event where my hair is styled in one particular way for one night only.


  • Curly Pudding- Pass
  • Curly Meringue- I can live without it.
  • Baby Buttercreme- I can live without it.

One of the great things about Miss Jessie’s is they now offer free samples of their products with free shipping.


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