I’ve enjoyed my month out of braids. I wore mostly wash and goes everyday. The last few times I used Crisco (Yes, the cooking kind…it’s basically soybean and palm butter and it’s a great cheap alternative to butters!) and Argan oil EcoStlyer gel. Using Crisco greatly decreased the tangles in my hair.

Here’s my WnG from dinner last night:


How I prepped my hair for mini braids:

After my wash and go, I shampooed with VO5 to make sure all the oils and butters were stripped from my hair. I then used Bentonite clay to deep cleanse my hair. I henna’d my hair over night to strengthen it. I washed all the henna out and coated my hair with Tressemme Naturals, a little LeKair Cholesterol, and some grape seed oil. I covered my hair with a plastic bag and fell asleep so the conditioner was on for a few hours. I rinsed and braided my hair in about 12 braids. After a few hours, my hair was still a bit damp but it was stretched enough for braids. I started putting in my mini braids from the front. I’ll update with a picture tomorrow. This set will be larger than the last. I’ll keep them in no longer than late October.

For step by step details on how to prepare your hair for mini braids see the ebook.

Here’s the latest length check that I’ll use for comparison when I take my braids out:

I think I have about another inch to go before I can say my hair reaches below my shoulder blades.


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