Here are some more pics of this set of braids, as promised. I look ashy in some pics because my blue filter was on…sorry, lol. Just like my summer braids, I’ll update weekly and show my growth and progress. All posts will be labeled: ‘My Fall Mini Braids- Update Week #’ and will be linked under the My Mini Braids category.











I’m very happy with these. They’re a good size. I consider this a medium sized mini braid. I’ve worn them in a bun mostly. I’ll bantu knot out them later on for a change. I haven’t wet them yet, so the ends aren’t curled. I’ll post pics when I do. I can’t believe my bangs are so long, the reach my chin now. I’m used to Audrey Hepburn pixie bangs so I’m way past due for a cut…but I think a swoop bang will look better with long hair so I’m leaving them alone for now. I always have length goals for my braids and I remember when I was reaching for shoulder length mini braids…right now I’m on my way to armpit length braids and I’m excited to see them look this  long. 🙂

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