I won’t recommend specific products because everyone’s hair behaves differently. When in mini braids, products will not be thoroughly rinsed from the hair. Products with synthetic ingredients are more likely to cause buildup than all-natural products. All natural products are usually water soluble.

The amount of product you use on your mini braids should be half the amount (or less) of product you use on your loose hair. Choose a light leave-in moisturizer or mix of your rinse out conditioner and water. Apply to damp hair to help distribute the product. Use natural moisturizers and conditioner wash with natural conditioners as well. Cowashing weekly or rinsing with water only will help keep your mini braids free of product build up. Avoid anything with “cone” at the end of the ingredient name.

I personally use products from Giovanni’s hair care line and Shea Moisture.

If you are looking for products, iherb.com has a huge selection of all natural and mostly natural hair care brands. Here are a few popular amongst natural haired women.

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Amazon.com also has a huge selection of products for online shoppers.

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