Here’s the list of products I use start to finish- every time I braid. Occasionally there will be other products in my routine but these are the main items I cannot do without. Click on the products for reviews and information on where to purchase.

After shampooing and deep treating my hair, I moisturize with Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk. I put my hair in large braids and let it dry overnight. I braid on dry hair and when I’m done with the mini braids, I spray the ends with a mix of water and aloe vera juice (amazon page). I seal my ends with Bath and Body Works Massage Butter.

Maintaining Mini Braids:
While maintaining my mini braids, I cowash with Giovanni Nutrafix Conditioner. I moisturize with Giovanni Direct Leave In. I seal my ends with Castor Oil (amazon page) or Proclaim Argan Oil. To relieve any scalp itchiness or get a deeper cleansing, I use Home Health Scalp Treatment (amazon link)  diluted with water. Sometimes I  spray it on prior to cowashing. Other times, I’ll spray it on after a workout for a cooling effect.

Undoing Mini Braids:
To undo my braids, I use a mix of water and conditioner in a spray bottle. At this point, I may use a conditioner with silicones or other hard to rinse out ingredients. In my spray bottle now is about 70% water and 30% Skala Conditioner (amazon link). Skala was available for $1 in Big Lots but I don’t see it anymore. I’m also trying to cut out cones and other bad stuff so I won’t repurchase. I’ll use Aussie Moist as a substitute and when I run out of that I’ll find an all natural conditioner with a lot of slip.

Read about choosing products for your mini braids in this article. You can read a full explanation of my process and products used while in mini braids in the ebook.

Here’s a pic of all the products I use:

1st Photo (top row then bottom row, left to right): Skala and water mix; aloe vera juice and water mix; Shea Moisture Milk; B&BW Massage Butter

2nd Photo: Giovanni Direct Leave In; Castor Oil; Giovanni Nutrafix; Massage Butter; Proclaim Argan Oil


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