I came across this video in my YouTube feed. It shows a way of maintaining a short afro with tiny micro braids and no added extension hair. The clients hair is braided quite loosely down the length of braid so the hair will- 1. keep some of the natural curl pattern and 2. be easier to take out. I have never in my life braided my or anyone else’s hair this small. At my length and density it isn’t something I would consider. I also prefer to have braids that are tight and secure down the length of the braids because they do not get frizzy.

I do love the final outcome of this look and I think it could work well for someone with a lot of patience.

Link: http://youtu.be/BJ0o3bpSPCY



One Response to YouTube Spotlight: Micro Braids on Short Natural Hair (No Extensions)

  1. imade. says:

    hmm I get that they were trying to make it look like loose natural hair with how tiny it was braided but it’s too impractical to do all that just to take it out in 2 weeks cos it’s frizzy and too loosely braided to maintain. I’ll just use perm rods on my loose hair if i want this look

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