I bought L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage-Erasing Balm at Wal-Mart. I think  it was around $5. I was interested based on reviews on hair discussion boards. I also liked that the product contains ceramides- which are fatty molecules that help restore hair.

First Impression:

This product smells really nice and has a nice consistency. The jar looks like it’s a decent size but I ran through the product really quickly. I got about 2 uses out of it. I have enough left to do about 1/8 of my hair but I’ll probably give the rest to my mom for her to try.


This is a really great deep conditioner. When I tried it, there had only been one DC that I ever liked and that’s LeKair Cholesterol. This performs about the same to me, but it’s not as strengthening and of course…I have to use more of the Loreal product. The Damage Erasing Balm has a ton of slip so it’s really easy to detangle. It leaves my hair feeling incredibly soft.


The price is great and it’s a drug store product so you can find it pretty much anywhere.


I mostly follow the Curly Girl regimen and this does have a cone in it. This specific cone can be cleansed without sulfates however. I forgot the name of the detergent that cleans it but Suave Naturals conditioner contains it…I believe.


I think this a great buy. I already have my holy grail DC and it takes a lot less of it to get the job done. It’s more cost effective for my to stick with LeKair. I think this product would be perfect for those with less hair . My mom has a TWA and I’ll probably purchase this and the moisturizing type for her to try.

Click here to purchase from Wal-Mart.
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