I ordered 2 bottles of Hairfinity vitamins last week. They arrived yesterday. The shipping was pretty fast and the ordering process was straight forward…no complaints from me. The package it came in was a hot pink foil material. I thought that was a nice branding touch. The bottles for the vitamins were also hot pink but translucent. I thought, while it looks pretty, it wasn’t very practical because I had a difficult time reading the label. The instructions say take 2 pills a day. I’m only taking one a day for now. Perhaps, I’ll increase to the suggested 2 a day later on.

I’m eager to see results, especially in my nails. I stupidly wore new shoes to Disney and yes I knew better. When I go to WDW, I usually stay maybe 5 hours and go home. My cousins flew in from Jamaica and when we went to Disney they did NOT want to leave. I ended up hobbling around with my feet aching for over 12 hours! My big toe nails on both feet are bruised. 🙁 This happens to me at least once a year, lol. I’m ready for it to grow out already. It’s been about a month and the bruising hasn’t moved much at all. It did take a week for the bruises to show up, so I guess it’s technically been 3 weeks. Hopefully the vitamins will speed up the nail growth process and I won’t have to wear dark polish for the rest of eternity.

My eyebrows have also been looking a bit sparser than usual so I hope it helps with those too. I’ve been using castor oil on them and it just doesn’t seem to make a difference. Every time I go to a threader, they tell me to put castor oil on my brows. They just don’t believe that I do do it with little results. Why can’t I have some Lily Collins brows…*weeps into pillow*

I’m tracking both my nail and eyebrow progress with pictures. I probably won’t post alla dat though. My weekly mini braid photo updates will serve as my hair growth updates for now. I plan to wear these mini braids until the end of September.

Click here to see my review of Hairfinity and my growth pics from 2010.

Click here to shop the Hairfinity website.


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