I posted my review of this product in my usual format in a separate post… Here are the pics for that wash and go. This product is not something I’d normally purchase because I follow the Curly Girl method and am very conscious of the ingredients I put on my hair and body. I ignored all that consciousness and went out and bought this anyway because of the last wng I wore…see pic here. Basically, I met up with a friend in a bar. I did my usual wng, some leave in and a whole lotta Ecostyler gel. I’ve never been ashamed of my love of stiff crunchy hair. This night however, some dude was literally OBSESSED with me and my hair. He was telling some story about a fight with his son and grabbed a huge handful of my hair and yanked it so hard he damn near lifted me out of my seat. The point of telling that story was even though I was pissed that he did that, I felt embarrassed because my hair that night was so hard and dry, lol. If it were a situation where I would want a man in my hair, that’s not the state I would like it in. I had to face facts and realize the gel wasn’t cutting it… My quest  defined, touchable curls and kinks began.

First stop, the dollar store, lol. I heard about Aunt Jackie’s on the hair boards. There weren’t a lot of reviews and the ones that were there, weren’t very positive. I decided to give it a go anyway. If the product did nothing for me, I was only out $5. I tried a lot of curl custards in the beginning of my hair journey but I think I had unreal expectations for my hair. Nothing really wowed me back then (Afroveda, Hairveda, Shea Moisture, etc…). Kinky Curly, I like but it does the same thing as my cheap EcoStyler.

For this wash and go, I cleansed, DC’d, then detangled with my leave in- Blensblend conditioner. I coated my hair heavily with my shea butter mix (shea, aloe vera juice, and oils). I went back and applied the Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La in sections the size of a handful. I used almost 1/3 of the jar to do my whole head. I diffused for a long time because my hair will not dry otherwise and my scalp starts to itch. I was about 80% dry when I put my hair in a pineapple and went to bed. You can see the white product that later dried and was not visible.

IMG_8124 IMG_8132

The next morning I followed my usual wng routine… I took my hair out of the high ponytail and put it in a low bun to coax it down. My hair was dry and a bit stretched by the time I went out that night. The only issue was that it was SUPER greasy feeling due to the crazy amounts of shea butter I put on it. The hold was good and my hair was still light. In fact, it was a really windy night and had to walk across the city and my hair was blowing all over the place, obstructing my view and isht. These are of my hair that night. One is blurry but I had to include it because I look absolutely terrible in the only clear pic of my hair. Oh what a difference 2 drinks make, lol.

182595_10103519103754681_769113297_n 487465_544573275592828_1639311639_n

These last few pics are from day 4 hair. The back of my hair still looked okay. The front was stretched out and frizzy from stuffing it into high buns and puffs. Overall my hair was very dull. I did moisturize it on day 2.

IMG_8134 IMG_8136


So all that to say I was pleased with the product. I will still search out other curl defining custards. Hopefully I’ll find one with better ingredients that will work well for me.


5 Responses to Wash and Go: Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La (Long Post w/Pics)

  1. Alwina says:

    Beautiful results! I’ve seen the product in the local beauty supply store. Wasn’t interested in trying. Maybe in the future. Thanks for sharing!

    • Jay says:

      Thanks 🙂 I still can’t believe it worked so well for me. I think it’s worth trying for anyone who is on a strict budget.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Works great for me. I have gotten alot of compliments.

  3. DrSelina says:

    You might like the curls crime brûlée! It has great ingredients and gives amazing definition and moisture. I pair it with Eco styler and the crunch is not too bad.

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