I posted a preview of my mini twists last week. I did take pics on day 1 and 2 of having these twists in. The week flew by and it’s already time for my 1 week update. So…here are the pics I promised, better late than never.

As I noted in the previous post, I followed a method very similar to the one I use when I put in mini braids. I washed and DC’d my hair. I put in 10 plaits with lots of leave in (Shea Moisture Thickening Milk) and let my hair dry overnight. I took down one of the large braids at a time and twisted one section at a time. I can’t remember if I did them over 2 or 3 days but I took my time…as usual. I completed the perimeter first so I could hide the unfinished hair. I don’t know how long it took cumulatively…I usually don’t keep track of the hours.

Here’s my regimen for maintaining my twists. I haven’t washed them. I planned to getting back into shape and running 3 miles a day then the rain came. I only ran about 6 miles this week, lol. Since I didn’t workout as much as I’d hoped, I’m not worried about having to wash my twists.

may4_twists may4_pony may4_half may4_top may4_top1This is day 2 of my mini twists. After taking my twists out of the french braid, there’s a bit of a crinkle.



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