Here’s something many people struggle with- protecting the fragile hair in our edges. First, it’s important for me to note that these tips are for wearers of mini braids (also called pixie braids, individuals, etc) that do not incorporate the use of extension hair. Those who add extensions will have to be even more careful with the hair that frames their face. That said, here are a few tips to help prevent thinning of the finer hair around our temples and forehead. Incorporate as many or as few as you see necessary.

  • Make parts larger so the resulting braids in this area are slightly larger than those on the remainder of your hair. If your braids are worn down they will be hidden and if worn in a style away from your face the braids will blend in so the difference in size will not be very noticeable.  The larger braids will be gentler on your hair.
  • Braid the hair around your edges and nape starting a little further down the shaft than the rest of your braids. Leave at least 1 centimeter of hair from the root unbraided. This will make it easier for the braid to move in all directions. If the braid is done very closely to the scalp and towards your face, for example, when you try to put your hair up in a ponytail the tension will cause breakage and thinning.
  • Try not to pull your hair too tightly when styling your mini braids. Forcing the fragile hair in your edges (and nape) in to unnatural positions may cause mechanical breakage.
  • Moisturize your edges daily so ensure the hair is pliable and not prone to breakage.
  • Always, always, always wear a silk scarf at night to protect the hair from friction.
  • When in doubt, redo the braids in this area. If you are at all worried about losing hair, redo the braids and make them looser or take them out all together for a day or two.
  • If braids are just too much for your edges, replace the braids with loose twists and redo the twists when necessary. I find that twists do not hold up as well when washed so plan to retwist after each time you wet them.
  • Most of all, be really gentle with the hair in that area.

Hopefully that will help anyone who is concerned with the hair around their edges and even their nape. It’s inevitable that you will lose some strands during the time your hair is braided because hair sheds regularly. If you experience anything out of the ordinary, don’t hesitate to make some changes to improve the condition of your hair.

Comment below if you have any of your own tips or tricks! 🙂



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