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I’m a commitment-phobe; but somehow I always end up with bangs. One day I love them, the next day I hate them. For the past 5 years, I’ve cut my bangs above my eyebrows, grown them to my chin, then cut them back to eyebrows…it’s a never-ending cycle. Currently, I love my long lip-length bangs on my loose natural hair…but I’ll leave the braided bangs to Rick James.

Between bobby pins, accessories, braids, twists, cornrows, and flat twists there are probably hundreds of ways to hide bangs. Here are some that I’m fond of at the moment.

1. Faux Victory Roll (Large Braid)

Start with a large section of hair from the crown of your head. Include the braids that make up your bangs, plus an equal amount of longer braids. Smooth all those braids to one side. Braid them in to one large braid. Flip the braid over and pin it along the side of the crown of your head. That’s it! It’s probably the easiest victory roll ever.



Here’s what it looks like. I style the back in various ways… This is a side braid just for demonstration. I call it the faux victory roll because the way the large braid is flipped up and molded is similar to the rockabilly hairstyle.

2. Side Swept Braid

Follow all the steps for the braided victory roll but this time, pull the braidsover the loose braids and pin down the end of the braid at the side of your head. Add a flower or sparkly clip if you’re feeling fancy.

3. Flat Twist
This one’s pretty simple. Take the hair in your bangs and a few longer braids and twist the hair along the scalp, then two-strand twist the ends. Lift up the hair at your crown and bobby pin the twist underneath so the loose braids fall over the twist.

4. The Headband

Great for a daytime outing over the weekend- simple, adjustable and headbands are still in…methinks. Check out the accessory section of your favorite online stores or places like Target and Forever 21. If you feel your headband collection is lacking, fold up a scarf and use that instead. Choose a thin scarf because large one can be overwhelming on mini braids.





















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