Frizzy braids can be salvaged somewhat with a few methods for stretching the hair.
After you’ve done everything you can to prevent frizz (see my article for more information),

There are a few things you can do to temporarily make frizzy braids look better. These styles are shown on a small portion of my dry, 2 week old braids. If your braids are frizzy, try one of these methods on freshly washed, damp braids and leave them in until your hair is completely dry.

Bantu Knot Outs

Bantu knots are an excellent way to smooth and stretch mini braids. The resulting look will be loose waves and bends. This is probably the best way to make braids look less frizzy, however, it takes the longest to dry and is uncomfortable to sleep in.

Bantu knots (also called chinny bumps) are a type of simple bun. Hold a handful of braids and twist them in one direction. Wrap the braids on a circle close to the scalp and continue winding the hair around itself until it’s formed a bun. Secure it with either a ponytail holder or hair pin. Cover with a scarf until it’s dry.

Flat Twists or Single Twists

Flat twists stretch the hair and encourage the roots to lie flat. They are also relatively easy to do. Single twists stretch and smooth the length of the braids well. These two styles are great for cutting down the appearance of frizz. Pull the twists across your head and bobby pin them in place or use perm rods on the ends. Cover with a scarf until they are fully dry. Take them down for a wavy look.

Cornrows or Single Braids

Cornrow or braid large sections of mini braids to stretch them out and reduce frizz. Braid on freshly cowashed hair. Cover your hair with a scarf until completely dry. When you take them out you’ll have tighter bends and waves than what you get from twisting.

Rollers or Rods

Use flexi rods, perm rods, or good ol’ fashioned rollers to stretch the hair when drying and help with frizz. Leave them in until your hair is fully dry. Depending on the size of the rods or rollers you can create soft, bouncy curls or tight spirals. Have fun with it.

You can find rollers and rods at big box stores, drug stores, beauty supply stores an online. Unlike setting loose hair, inexpensive/generic brand rollers work fine on braids.

Ponytails and Buns

For an everyday frizz buster, cowash your hair and dry it in one ponytail or one large bun. This will stretch out the hair. Cover your hair with a tight (but not uncomfortable) silk scarf until dry. To get more stretch from a ponytail, place additional ponytail holders down the length of the braids- this method is called banding. Band the hair at about every 2 inches until you reach the tips of your braids.

For added smoothing, use a little gel on the edges of your hair before covering it with a scarf.

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