Day 8 is a side ponytail with a cornrow going all the way across the front of my head.

(please excuse the crazy makeup, it photo’s with a white cast with flash pics because of the spf…and u can tell i missed some of my forehead, lol.)



Day 7- Posting from my phone today. Lazy day hair- a bun with a headband. 🙂


I’ve had my mini braids in for a week. I’ve cowashed about every other day with TRESemme Naturals. I’ve use ApHoghee 2 Minute once. I moisturize wet hair with either Giovanni or Shea Moisture products.

Here are some pics:


Day 6 is something simple…just a high pony with the braids tucked under and bobby pinned. I twisted my bangs because the braids are shorter (chin length) and sometimes they stick out. See styling tutorials for bangs here and here.


Day 5 is an updo style. My hair is flat twisted then pin curled down. I got the idea from this YouTube video and followed the tutorial closely. I directed most of my pin curls towards one side of my head. Of course, I have a bobby pin showing, lol. I used about 2 hairpins for each pin curl and placed bobby pins in places where the braids weren’t laying flat. I added a headband to dress it up a little more.


Day 4 is here already! I tried to show this one from several angles. I used a banana clip (probably should have picked a darker color) and about 5 hairpins and 2 bobby pins. I clipped the back portion of my hair in the banana clip placed sideways. I then rolled the hair into a cinnamon bun type shape. I placed hairpins all around it to hold it in place. I tucked in the ends that stuck out (obviously, I missed more than a few but I fixed that later on). I flat twisted the front to create side swept bangs and bobby pinned them on the side and at the back. Voila! My hair looks like a honey bun. 🙂


Miss Jessie’s Hair Products are buy one, get one free at Target stores and now through December 15, 2012. I’ve haven’t tried them but maybe now is the time to give it a go. What do you think of Miss Jessie’s?

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Day 3 is a very similar to Day 2. (please excuse how rugged I look O.o) I took the hair that was left out on Day 2 and made 2 large braids in the back. I tied those braids in a slip knot and tucked and pinned the loose ends. That’s all. It’s a quick, simple updo that can be dressed up with the right accessories. As usual- that included a pair of earrings.


Day 2- I left my hair down today with braids on the sides. The right side has a simple braid that I braided up and away from my face so it lies flat on the side of my head. The left side (pictured) is a cornrowed braid that lies toward the front of my head. The large braids are tied in a slip knot and held in place with a bobby pin in the back.

This style is perfect for dangly earrings that tend to get caught up in my loose hair. I love these navy anchors from F21!

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Target– December 2-8, 2012

TRESemme 39 oz shampoo or conditioner is on sale for $5. All other TRESemme hair care is also on sale.

CVS– December 2-8, 2012

All TRESemme products are 2/$7 with your rewards card. Spend $12 and get $4 extrabucks rewards.

Check your local ads for more details and restrictions.

See my review of TRESemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner here.


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I’m starting off the series with a really simple style. I love crocheted beanies in winter. I threw this bright pink one on my loose mini braids and tucked them in so the back had a nice shape to it. I flat twisted a large portion of braids in the front and bobby pinned the twist behind my ear…super easy and cute!

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I spent my 4-day Thanksgiving weekend (plus a few days during the week) braiding my hair. I did things a little different from my usual routine (which can be found in the ebook).

I was feeling lazy so I washed with VO5 sulfate shampoo and deep conditioned for about 10 minutes with LeKair Cholesterol. I added Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk (click here for my review) and air dried in large twists.

These braids are the smallest I’ve done with my hair at this length. I didn’t put a part in the front because these small braids can easily move from one side to another.

I plan to keep these in for at least 2 months. But as always, I see how things go and cross that bridge when I get to it.



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