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So, it’s been a while! I’ve had a hard time juggling all my work and personal commitments and stay on top of blogging. I think I can commit to at least one post a month and go from there. Just a bit of a catch up- I haven’t done any mini braids…so you haven’t missed much. I have a couple videos coming up that have been in editing status for the past two months. ūüôĀ ¬†I straightened my hair a couple months ago so I could get a professionally cut. I filmed the straightening and I think I edited into two videos- blowdrying and flat ironing.

Here are a couple pics of my straight hair.

straight3straight1  straight2


I was sent a box of Mr. Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips to review for the blog.

First Impression:

The packaging was eye catching. There are 30 strips in the box of Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups. Each are individually wrapped and ready for use.


The concept is really interesting and different from what’s currently available on the market. The directions say to moisten the strip with your tongue, place on your teeth, and let it dissolve for 10- 15 minutes. I found the taste pleasant and minty. At the end of the 15 minutes, however, I was left with a gummy, gooey mess in my mouth. I spat it out. I wasn’t sure if the strip was supposed to be gone but the thought of it dissolving entirely weirded me out a little.




With Strip On


It’s conveniently packaged for travel. I have taken a couple strips on the go when I’m going on a important trip or meeting. These could also be useful on the go because they are dissolvable. I like that they are the same size for top or bottom and you don’t peel away from a backing and waste product like some other strips. With this one, you use the whole strip.


It left some gunk in my mouth (though I’m not sure I did it right or left them on long enough).


While it is really convenient, I don’t think my teeth are dark enough to notice a huge difference. I do use these every now and then just for a boost of confidence. They are easy to take a few with you when travelling and I like that.


FTC: Not sponsored. Product provided for review by www.mrblancteeth.com.


Here’s a quick tutorial for how I take out my mini braids. For more details check out my ebook on Growing and Retaining Afro Hair With Mini Braids.

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I was sent Hairburst supplements by Hairburst.com for review. The kind I was sent is a chewable- like old school Flintstones vitamins. Now, they have gummy vitamins available on the website. The retail price is ¬£19.99 (that includes tax) and that’s about $26 USD. Hairburst is a UK based company and they do ship worldwide.

The price is on par with several well known hair vitamin companies. If you’re in the UK, Europe, or otherwise on this side of the world, the price is excellent and shipping would likely be much faster than buying from a UK company. The packaging is cute, the information is easy to read, and the inside is sealed. I liked that there was a non-pill option. It’s easy to take and surprisingly, they taste really good. The texture isn’t chalky at all. I was given a 30 day supply, which is 60 tablets.


Of the vitamins and minerals we need on a daily basis, the values does not exceed or come close to 100%… that means you are not mega-dosing on any single letter vitamin. The main hair healthy ingredients are advertised as collagen, MSM, vitamins A, B’s, C, & D, minerals and amino acids.

How It Did

I didn’t take any proper measurements or stretch my hair to see the growth. I was wearing mini braids for 2-3 weeks while taking the vitamins (sporadically). I do think my hair and nails grew at a faster rate than usual. The main thing I noticed is that skin around my nails peeled whilst I took these. Usually, taking a multivitamin stops the skin from peeling but Hairburst didn’t stop it completely.


Nails After 2 Weeks


Braids After 2.5 Weeks


Braids After 2.5 Weeks


I would purchase these. Although I didn’t take them consistently, I did see results. I didn’t have any adverse effects and I really liked that they come in gummy form. They are a good price and easily available from the UK (where I currently live). I think if I took these ad advised and measured properly, I would have good results.

Click here to see my reviews of other hair vitamins: Hairfinity, Mane Choice, MD Nutri Hair.



FTC: Not sponsored. All opinions are my own. Product provided gratis by Hairburst for review.


It’s finally here! A video tutorial of how I do my mini braids. It’s hard to fit all the details in a short video, so my ebook is the best place to learn exactly how I maintain my hair in braids. Subscribe to my YouTube channel Thrifty Natural for more videos!

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I was sent the 7 Day FaceTox Aztec Healing Clay Mask kit to review from Facetox.com. They are a UK brand, but they do ship internationally.


First Impression:

I absolutely love the packaging! There are individual sachets of bentonite clay and organic rose water. The kit also includes a mixing bowl and spatula…making application a breeze.



The clay is very smooth and easy to mix. It wasn’t hard at all to get a nice consistency with no lumps. I haven’t used rose water before but this one smells very earthy and just like pressed roses and stems. There was a lot or each product- way more than what I needed for one application. After putting it on my face in a thin layer, it dried fairly quickly. It was easy to wash off a made my skin feel lovely. My complexion also seems a bit brighter.


Skin Before


With Mask On


Dried Clay Mask


Skin After


Very easy to mix. It’s not grainy or too soft (not flour-like). It rinsed off easily and didn’t leave a mess in the sink. There’s a lot of product in each sachet…but I like that it’s pre-measured and stays fresh.


I do like that there’s a lot of product, but it is too much for just my face. You will most likely have left overs and once it’s mixed, it will dry out. I used my excess on my hair and added a bit of plain water to prevent it from getting to dry.


I have tried several brands of 100% bentonite clay (of different price points). This one is by far my favourite. The resulting mix is the perfect balance- not too grainy, not too soft. It worked well on both my face and hair. If they sold the clay in a bulk package, I would definitely purchase for my hair mostly (and face). The concept for this face mask is great. It’s also nicely packaged for traveling. You can easily take 1 sachet of clay and 1 rose water and treat yourself to a nice spa day during a hotel stay away.



FTC: Not sponsored. Product provided for review by facetox.com.

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The Mini Braid Method: The natural girl’s guide to maintaining afro-textured hair in mini braids. Learn how to put them in, how to take them out, and everything in between.




I’ve come across several YouTube natural hair gurus who¬†have recently damaged their long natural hair after years of growing it out (Naptural85, for example). Personally, I prefer my hair long and it’s very unlikely that I’d get a significant haircut. I think it’s a great idea to experiment with your hair while it’s short. If you damage, cut, color, etc your hair while it’s shorter, you have less to lose and you might not feel as much regret (if you end up regretting experimenting). There are so many options for hairstyles. Here are some things that are fun to do on short hair.

  • Straighten it often. I don’t mean go crazy with heat, but the only way you’ll know how to best straighten your hair and avoid heat damage is by straightening it. Practice makes perfect. Find the right technique for your particular head of hair through trial and error. Chances are, you will get heat damage at some point or another during your natural hair journey (aka life) so get it over with while your hair is short so you can trim it and it won’t be a big deal.
  • Color your hair.¬†This is one thing that I did and I’m glad I did it. When my hair was around shoulder length, I colored it black and got blond peek-a-boo highlights. It was fun for some time, but I got over having two-toned hair. I knew that my relaxed hair and color didn’t mix, but I was surprised to find out that not even my natural ¬†hair could handle color. The health of my hair was significantly compromised. I had to cut the damage off over the course of a couple years. Had that happened later in my hair journey, I would’ve been upset.
  • Get a fun¬†haircut. Tapered cuts were very on trend last year. I wished I had tried a fun and interesting cut…instead of the plain TWA (teeny weeny afro) when I big chopped. I wouldn’t dare cut my hair that short now. If you’re afraid of scissors, like me, get an interesting cut while your hair is shoulder length. The change won’t be that drastic and it will grow back in no time if you get over it.
  • Try alternative hair care.¬†Try out all those methods you’ve read about and seen on YouTube. When you have short hair, use henna…see if it agrees with you. If it doesn’t work out there’s no big loss. Try overnight deep conditioning. Try different products, techniques, routines. This is the best time to work out what your hair likes. It’s key to having a healthy head of hair.
  • Try out different protective styles.¬†Experiment with different wigs, weaves, braids, etc. Find out with agrees with your hair. Find out how best to recover from a long term protective style. If wearing a weave mattes your hair, it’s best to find out at ear length than to try and detangle armpit length hair and losing hair in the process. Keep in mind, however, that you should not have your hair always hidden. The only way you will learn your hair is by taking care of it (see previous bullet). If your hair is always in a protective style, you’ll have no idea what methods work for you. And having your hair out will be a frustrating experience.

Very often the moment we big chop, the obsession with growing long hair begins. There are lots of fun things you can do while your hair is short. All stages of natural hair should be appreciated and embraced. My biggest regret is not trying different styled cuts when my hair was short. At 7 years natural, I’m not brave enough to get a funky short cut. I keep my hair shaped in the same sort of style and might get my bangs angled a little more than usual. Definitely take advantage of having shorter hair and do what you want and don’t look back. Experiment while your hair is short.


New video up on my wash and go. This isn’t literally a wash and “go.” I take my time and style my hair if I plan to wear my hair out for a week or more. I went hiking in the Peak District and this style was a great options. I wore my hair down, then wore it in a puff and low pony on subsequent days.

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