I tried the hair treatment Olaplex on my natural hair. It didn’t do what I thought it would do. In my mind, I thought it would be like a super strength protein treatment and make my curl POP. It did make my hair super springy. The front of my hair actually stood right up, like a proper afro. My hair is very fine and it’s never NEVER stood up. Even when picked out, the top and front flop right over. I never thought I could get a 70s style blowout afro. However, after the treatment, my hair was more afro-y in texture.

The product was easy to use. I’m not sure if it repairs split ends or lives up to the hype. It’s easier to see visible repair with color damaged strands. I plan to make a video at some point showing the before and after because I couldn’t find many reviews on natural hair.

The treatment sort of distorts clumped curls, so I find it best to use prior to heat styling natural hair. It restores shrinkage while making curls easier to stretch out.

Here’s a picture of my afro after the treatment:


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Firmoo.com sent me some glasses to review. Check out my thoughts here:

Style: #DBSN62347A

For a limited time, they are running a promotion-
$4.95 a pair for new customers at http://bit.ly/Firmoo_eyeglasses (frame+ standard lens, Limited Quota)

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I ended up wearing kinky twists from October to the end of the year. I really just wanted a low maintenance protective style. I was tired of fussing with my hair. I thought the I would put my hair away and let to grow uninhibited for a while. The kinky twists were only a few inches longer than my own hair, however, when I took the twists out my hair seemed shorter than ever! I think I just got used to the length of the twists so I looked a bit shocking without them.

I planned to do a tutorial but couldn’t quite find the time. After 3 sets of twists, I also still found it quite difficult to get used to the rope twisting style. It just never felt natural so probably best not to take any pointers from me anyway!

For the first 2 sets, I used a single strand of kinky braid hair. For the 3rd, I did jumbo twists and used 2 strands of fake hair. I got a lot of complements on all the styles but it was just so much hair. Too much to put in a ponytail.


My plan was to protective style to the end of the year…which I did. I then bought a kinky straight wig and wore that everyday this year. My hair was cornrowed underneath. I may pick up a few more wigs but they are so expensive here. We’ll see were I end up. I think 2018 will be the year of going back to basics. I’m trying to balance protective styling in order to retain as much as possible while still having long hair.


New video up on my Thrifty Natural Channel- Is the Revlon One Step brush blowdryer worth the hype or nah?



My thought- NAH!! Save your coins on this one.

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New video up on my YouTube channel. You’ve seen how I straighten my hair with a steam iron followed by a 1 inch flat iron. This time around I curled it as well with a wand. Watch it revert in the video below!

I flat ironed my hair using my method in this video:

New Video on Thrifty Natural- Flat Iron Tutorial

Products used:
Blow Dryer (similar)- http://amzn.to/2DvET4F
Steam Flat Iron (similar)- http://amzn.to/2Dr0Kdg
1 Inch Flat Iron- http://amzn.to/2DeMb9h

Heat Protectant- Mane Choice
Serum- http://amzn.to/2DQiJrz
Spray- http://amzn.to/2Di99MW
Polish- http://amzn.to/2DjRGn5
Blow Dry Cream (couldn’t find)

FTC: contains affiliate links, not sponsored


I’m protective styling all Autumn/Winter. Look for a detailed post next month when I do my second set.

FullSizeRender 2


I’ve been natural now for what feels like ages. I moved from the US to the UK years ago. I’m still trying to find my way around hair and beauty products. What really shocked me when I first moved was how few naturals there are here. It’s gotten a bit better but I stuck out like a sore thumb when I first moved. My afro got stares from everyone, everywhere I went. The lack of natural hair meant a lack of natural products. Some Asian owned beauty supply stores had my staples and a few Jamaican grocery stores did as well.

What’s Easy to Find

I still use Ecostyler gel from either the beauty supply or Jamaican shop. Oils and butters are surprisingly easy to find. Coconut oil is everywhere- grocery stores, discount goods stores, pound shops, etc… just everywhere. Because there are a ton of oils available, I try a new one each time. I currently own rapeseed oil and it STINKS so I haven’t been using it much.

Just a few months ago, I noticed that Giovanni products are sold by the liter in TK Maxx (TJ Maxx). I buy either the tea tree conditioner or the Smooth As Silk for £10- which with the current exchange rate may be cheaper than in the US. For stylers- I’ve switched almost exclusively to Boots own brand curl creme. It’s about £2 for a small jar. I don’t love it but it’s £2, easy to find, and gets the job done.

What’s Here But Expensive

Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk is my go to leave in. It was available in the beauty supply stores but way overpriced. I think I was here for a year before Shea Moisture was launched in Boots (Walgreens owned drug store). I haven’t purchased from them because it’s still overpriced and I haven’t noticed any BOGO offers like they have in the states.

What I Buy Online- mostly from Feel Unique

I get my Dr. Bronner’s Soap from here. I can purchase Shea Moisture from here and with the sales, it’s cheaper than buying from the high street.

Feel Unique- http://referme.to/q5gvhIo

Click my link to receive £10 off your first order at Feelunique, official stockist to over 500 of the world’s leading beauty and grooming brands. With over 20,000 products from brands such as YSL, Tigi and Clinique, I know you’ll find something (well, maybe 10 things) that you’ll love. You’re welcome!

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So, it’s been a while! I’ve had a hard time juggling all my work and personal commitments and stay on top of blogging. I think I can commit to at least one post a month and go from there. Just a bit of a catch up- I haven’t done any mini braids…so you haven’t missed much. I have a couple videos coming up that have been in editing status for the past two months. 🙁  I straightened my hair a couple months ago so I could get a professionally cut. I filmed the straightening and I think I edited into two videos- blowdrying and flat ironing.

Here are a couple pics of my straight hair.

straight3straight1  straight2


I was sent a box of Mr. Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips to review for the blog.

First Impression:

The packaging was eye catching. There are 30 strips in the box of Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups. Each are individually wrapped and ready for use.


The concept is really interesting and different from what’s currently available on the market. The directions say to moisten the strip with your tongue, place on your teeth, and let it dissolve for 10- 15 minutes. I found the taste pleasant and minty. At the end of the 15 minutes, however, I was left with a gummy, gooey mess in my mouth. I spat it out. I wasn’t sure if the strip was supposed to be gone but the thought of it dissolving entirely weirded me out a little.




With Strip On


It’s conveniently packaged for travel. I have taken a couple strips on the go when I’m going on a important trip or meeting. These could also be useful on the go because they are dissolvable. I like that they are the same size for top or bottom and you don’t peel away from a backing and waste product like some other strips. With this one, you use the whole strip.


It left some gunk in my mouth (though I’m not sure I did it right or left them on long enough).


While it is really convenient, I don’t think my teeth are dark enough to notice a huge difference. I do use these every now and then just for a boost of confidence. They are easy to take a few with you when travelling and I like that.


FTC: Not sponsored. Product provided for review by www.mrblancteeth.com.


Here’s a quick tutorial for how I take out my mini braids. For more details check out my ebook on Growing and Retaining Afro Hair With Mini Braids.

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