I was sent a box of Mr. Blanc Express Teeth Whitening Strips to review for the blog.

First Impression:

The packaging was eye catching. There are 30 strips in the box of Express Teeth Whitening Top Ups. Each are individually wrapped and ready for use.


The concept is really interesting and different from what’s currently available on the market. The directions say to moisten the strip with your tongue, place on your teeth, and let it dissolve for 10- 15 minutes. I found the taste pleasant and minty. At the end of the 15 minutes, however, I was left with a gummy, gooey mess in my mouth. I spat it out. I wasn’t sure if the strip was supposed to be gone but the thought of it dissolving entirely weirded me out a little.




With Strip On


It’s conveniently packaged for travel. I have taken a couple strips on the go when I’m going on a important trip or meeting. These could also be useful on the go because they are dissolvable. I like that they are the same size for top or bottom and you don’t peel away from a backing and waste product like some other strips. With this one, you use the whole strip.


It left some gunk in my mouth (though I’m not sure I did it right or left them on long enough).


While it is really convenient, I don’t think my teeth are dark enough to notice a huge difference. I do use these every now and then just for a boost of confidence. They are easy to take a few with you when travelling and I like that.


FTC: Not sponsored. Product provided for review by www.mrblancteeth.com.


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