This is a big issue for me that I’ve yet to figure out. How should I wear my hair when I’m away from home and traveling? I feel like I’ve tried loads of different options. I’m a low maintenance girl, I stick with my typical styles. My main goal is to NOT have to do ANYTHING at all to my hair while away. I don’t typically pack hair products or even brushes. So when my hair looks a mess, I’m sorta stuck. Here are a few things I’ve tried and the issues with them:

  • Wash and Go– I’ve had them flake, get white product buildup, dry out, generally look a mess and it require a heap of products and tons of drying time to redo.
  • Braid Outs– Humidity or just everyday life gets to it. I end up having to redo it and look like Celie during the 24 hour + drying time.
  • Twist Outs- My hair doesn’t behave as well in twist outs. Stray hairs tangle and cause issues. Doesn’t last as long as braid out and I really don’t care for the style on me.
  • Flat Ironed- No matter where I go, no matter how many times I look up the humidity index for the week, my hair will poof up and look a mess. I have to braid/twist or otherwise put texture in my hair for it to work with the poofiness. Textured hairstyles barely last a day so I have to redo every night and my hair gets quite tangled in the meantime. If I’m too tired to flat twist or otherwise style my hair the night before, I’ll look a hot mess the next day.
  • Mini Braids- Of course I love my mini braids. I don’t wear these often because I prefer big hair- especially if I’m going to be in lots of pictures. That’s really the only downside- flat hair.
  • Mini Twists– These are a bit better than mini braids because my hair is a bit more voluminous. Huge downside is the take down is horrendous. I end up losing a lot of hair from knots.
  • Loose Mini Twists– I tried these because they would solve the issue of flat hair and they are quick to put in. They looked ok. The main issue was that they tangled really badly. Because my hair is fine and it was twisted loosely, lots of strands escaped the twists and were loose or worse, joined other twists. By day three, I couldn’t even run my fingers between my twists without them getting caught on strands of hair.

The search for a holiday hairstyle continues. I only travel with a backpack so I prefer not to pack a lot (or any) hair products or tools. During my most recent trip away, I wore loose two strand twists. I filmed a tutorial and will post that next. If you have any recommendations for a hairstyle that works well while on holiday/vacation, please comment below.


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