As my previous article stated, I’m still searching for a hairstyle that’s perfect for trips away. I think wash and goes work for weekend trips. I’ve yet to find something that’s good for 3+ days away. I want to avoid having to style or wash my hair for at least a week. I usually travel with just a backpack, so hair products or tools are not something I normally take with me. At best, I keep some sachets of shampoo and conditioner for emergency hair restyling.

I recently returned from the Maltese Islands, where I celebrated my birthday. I wanted a style that was easy to maintain but didn’t leave my hair flat. I love my massive hair so it feels a bit weird to have flat hair. Loose mini twists seemed like the answer to all my problems. I spent a day putting them in (with tons of long breaks. The style looked really nice. However, even with keeping my hair up in a bun or ponytail it tangled really badly. I don’t know if I’ll be trying this any time in the near future. I think it’s a good option for hair that’s not fine- easily tangled- and hair that’s kinkier- 4b/4c. Here’s my tutorial showing how I did it. Please like the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel- Thrifty Natural.


The method I used for twisting is very similar to the one I use for mini braids. Watch the video to get an understanding of how I braid or twist my hair. The process is more thoroughly explained in my ebook- Mini Braid Method. Thanks for watching!

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