Tricia from T Jewels Butters graciously sent me some samples of her butters all the way from the US to the UK. She sent a sample size of the Lavender Zen Hair and Body Butter and the Black Cherry Almond Bliss Hair and Body Butter.

First Impression:

At first sight, they look exactly like pure shea butter to me. The scent is quite strong for a butter. I like that because I’m not a fan of the natural scent of raw shea and have never been able to properly mask it with essential oils. T Jewels butters have a distinct scent. Personally, I’m not fond of lavender so I used that one up first. I do love cherry scents so I’m saving that for my upcoming holiday because I want my hair to smell nice.


As I mentioned, these butters looked like shea butter and I expected them to perform similarly. I was impressed that they melted down quite easily. It’s freezing here and it didn’t take much to emulsify it in my hands. It spread quite easily and disappeared/absorbed into my fine hair without much effort. My hair usually feels a bit wirey a few days after using raw shea butter (or my own shea butter mix) but it felt fine with this product.


Lovely scent options. Quite firm consistency but emulsifies with little effort.


I do think they are quite pricey, if you go for the smaller size. The 8 ounce sizes are more economical. But I’m willing to spend a little more to support black businesses.


I do really like the butters formulation. The cherry scent is nice and the Sweet Orange and Peppermint definitely interest me.

T Jewels Butters sells both hair/body butters and oils. You can check out the full shop here.


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