The last product I received from Maple Holistics is the Dead Sea Mud Mask.  The website claims “Dead Sea Mud Mask is a facial mask combines 100% pure Dead Sea Mud with an incredible essential oil synergy to maximize results for healthy, toned skin.”

First Impression:

The jar is a good size. One thing I noticed was there are no instructions on the packaging. I think all products should come with directions- even if those directions are as simple as slap it on and rinse it off. My jar did make a transatlantic flight so the mud had settled a bit and water pooled at the top. I spilled some because I’m clumsy. The mud, however, is very rich and dense.


I put on a very thin layer all over my face. It took very little product- maybe a finger tip amount. I know this jar will last me a very long time. The smell of the mud is quite earthy. When it first went on my face it had a nice cooling sensation. I think I left it on for at least 15 mins and most of my face dried in that time. There were spots here and there that were still wet. The first time I used this I rinsed off as much as I could- which wasn’t much- by splashing my face with water. Then I went to town with my Clarisonic- bad idea. I could hear the motor slowing down. So I turned it off and took off the brush head to clean it out. I then used my flannel/washcloth- also a bad idea. The mud embedded into the cloth and stained it. If you don’t mind stains- a cloth is probably the best way to remove the mud. I didn’t like the dark mud stains, so now I use a disposable face wipe to take off the majority of the mud. Then I follow up with a cloth. The very first time I used this mask, I noticed the large pores on my nose were noticeably smaller. A lot of my blackheads were gone too. It definitely cleared my skin better than my Clarisonic alone. And I swear by my skin care regimen- you can read up on it here.


The cost and size of the product are very economical. I could imagine this lasting ages with weekly use. It feels and smells really nice. I’m somewhat sensitive to smells and natural ingredients. This has a light earthy scent and a very pleasant soothing feeling on the skin. It left my skin feeling clean and looking radiant. My blackheads and large pores were much less visible.


It did take quite a while to dry. Then again, I’m not sure you’re supposed to wait until it dries- there are no instructions (unless I overlooked them).


I don’t know if I necessarily need this in my skincare regimen. It did noticeably improve the appearance of my blackheads. My main skincare concern, however, is hyperpigmentation. I’m just too lazy to have a bunch of steps and products involved in my skin care. I currently use a face mask that helps fade my dark marks. I don’t think this product would do that for me since the ingredients are focused on firming and toning skin for a younger look. This is great product for a relaxing pampering session. It just feels so nice and changes your mood quite a bit. I’ve had this product since August and I’ve only used it twice. If I stuck to a structured skincare regimen, I could fit this in and get the benefits of more radiant looking skin. Right now I’m still working on washing my face every night and clearing these scars from my cheeks.

This is a great product for a great price. If you’re looking to add a mask to your pamper routine, I would definitely recommend.

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