I had my hair blown out for a few days. I went to Scotland and my hair looked a mess from almost 4 hours of hiking and just generally not spending any time to keep it somewhat maintained in rainy, muggy weather. I was so over my hair that when I got back, I immediately started twisting it. I didn’t plan on doing them this small or parting them- I wanted to spend only a few hours putting them in… But I ended up taking my time and doing them small and neatly over 3 days.

Here are some pics of the style. My twists are about a week old. I had them in 2 french braids overnight to stretch them and make them crinkly.

Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.08 pm #2 Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.09 pm Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.10 pm #3


4 Responses to Style Diary| Summer 2015 Mini Twists

  1. Tendai says:

    This is still the hairstyle I always dream of but can never have -thanks to my not so dense hair status. Love your posts non the less and will continue to draw inspiration from them x

  2. Poupee says:

    Beautiful as usual. How do you like it there?

    • Jay says:

      Thanks! I love it here so far. The first few weeks/months I was just catching up with family and traveling a lot but things are settled down now and it feels like home. đŸ™‚

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