I’ve seen a ton of videos on my YouTube subscription feed with vloggers using the Curls Control Pastes (Blueberry and Passionfruit) as an all-over styler. The results looked good so I wanted to give it a try. I’ve reviewed the passion fruit curl control paste before but I only used it for a light hold around my edges.

From experience, I know that the product does not work well with other products. I didn’t want to deal with buildup so I airdried my hair with a small amount of Giovanni conditioner. When my hair was about 70% dry, I finger detangled and added some oil and the control paste. It was very sticky and made it really difficult to work with my hair. I put in large two strand twists and tried not to manipulate my hair too much to avoid snagging and breakage. I styled my hair for my  sister’s graduation. I prefer 2nd day hair, so as usual, I took the twists out and put them up in a bun.  When I took the twists down that night, the definition was pretty good.

The next morning, I took the bun down. I lost some of the definition, but as the day went on my hair got poofier. I expected it to hold up better. It was a bit chilly for Florida and my hair did not last the afternoon. I got up around 6am and the 1st pic shows my hair around 10:30am. I do like big fluffy hair but what I got was like day 5 hair in just a few hours. The 2nd pic was probably taken around 3pm.




We were heading to Disney the next morning, so I had to do something with my hair. Because of the stickiness of the product, it was really difficult to restyle my hair. I added more oil and spritz it with a bit of water. I put my hair in large braids, I think there were about 10. I took the braids out the next morning and put my hair in a ponytail. At the end of the day, I took the ponytail down. I did like how my hair had movement. It flopped straight down and didn’t stay in the shape of the ponytail.


Overall, I disliked this product as an all over styler. It’s definitely better for smoothing styles. It’s too sticky and makes it near impossible to work with fine hair without feeling like it’s going to snag. My hair felt dry as well and didn’t want to add a lot of leave in because I didn’t want any white product showing. The final style did not hold up well enough for me to use this product again in this way. Maybe this is one of those things that are better suited for short-haired or coarse-haired naturals.

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