I’ve taken my mini braids out. It feels so good to have the fro back. From the first day I started braiding to now- is about 7 weeks. The length of my braids looked good but the roots were grown out quite a bit. I haven’t had the time to post regularly, but I do have a few more mini braid pics and articles on queue.

Here’s a high bun I wore to the movies. I accessorized with a wire headband from Big Lots. I mentioned it in my summer favorites article. Of course, a bun is not complete without some mira-mira hoop earrings. I used my DIY braided extensions for added fullness, here are some options for prebraided hair on amazon- pre-twisted extensions, pre-braided extensions. A reader got some from ebay, so check there as well if you’re interested. I used Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste to smooth my edges. I used it a whole lot while in braids and it actually made it difficult to take out the braids around my edges, next time I know to shampoo before undoing the braids.


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