Renee Dawes, Owner NaturelleGrow

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Renee Dawes, the creator and owner of NaturelleGrow– Healthy Hair Growth Products. The NaturelleGrow product lineup includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, and growth oils and balms to meet your needs.

1. How did you get started making handcrafted cosmetics?

I started handcrafting products early in my hair journey. For years I tried to figure out what products would help my hair grow long and healthy. Finally, exhausted from juggling different hair care products, I turned to my kitchen and created products that helped to grow my hair while keeping it healthy.

2. What motivated you to start NaturelleGrow?

When I first began formulating products, I shared my creations with close relatives and friends, who encouraged me to begin my own business. As I learned, created, and experimented, my initial offerings grew into a small product line of couture cleansers, conditioners, hair creams, and oils. And from this, NaturelleGrow Handmade Hair Growth Products was born.

3. What makes NaturelleGrow stand out amongst the competitors in the natural hair care industry?

NaturelleGrow is a David fighting against Goliath. There are a sea of hair company giants on the market offering mass-produced hair products. We are unique in the fact that our products are (1) Blended by hand in small batches (2) Our products contain fresh, natural homegrown ingredients, (3) Most importantly, our products have not been sitting on shelves. They are made to order giving our customer the best product available.

4. What products do you recommend for maintaining braids or other long term protective styles?

I would highly recommend our Mega Growth Oil – as the scalp needs to be maintained while in these styles. In addition to our Mega Growth Oil, I would recommend our Ginger Peach Leave-In conditioning spray. This spray will condition the hair while it is being maintained.

NaturelleGrow offers handmade, affordable products for every hair type. Click here to shop the website.

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