I made it 3 weeks in my 2nd Autumn protective style. See posts here and here. I planned on going 4 weeks but I had to constantly cut strands of hair that came out of the twists and tangled with hair around it. I figured I better take them out before I lose too much hair. It took me 2 days to take them all out. I washed and conditioned with Original Moxie products that I’m currently testing. Stay tuned for a review. My hair is currently straightened and in a bun for the week because I don’t have the time to worry about it.


Pictured above is what my hair looked like after 3 weeks. I co-washed my twists often due to working out 4-5 times a week and sweating a whole lot. My roots were braided and they grew out about 1/2″ in that time (closer to 2/3″ in the back). I tried to snap some pics to show the growth. At the end of 3 weeks (Nov 18- Dec 6), the roots were looser at the back, compared to the crown. My typical growth rate is less than 1/2″ per month. I started taking Hairfinity on August 28 of this year. I am almost at the end of my 2nd bottle (I took 1 per day for the 1st bottle, now I’m up to 2 a day). My growth rate has definitely increased due to the vitamins and of course- healthy living. Click here to purchase Hairfinity vitamins.


3 week growth, crown



3 weeks growth, back of head

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    my name is excel, how can i get hair finite?

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