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Here’s me and my kitty in Photobooth. I straightened my hair again. I usually average 3-6 times a year, but I just flat ironed a month ago…gasp. Since it was Summer Solstice, I decided to go ahead and do it so I could give my hair a good trim/cut.

I will get that 5 min bun tutorial up, I promise. I might be kinda janky though because I started taking pics then decided to do it another day #lazy. Now since I’m rocking straight hair, I might just throw what I have together and put it out anyway.


3 Responses to Style Diary- Straight Hair (Again)

  1. Tendai says:

    Plse post more pics of the straight hair look plus your flat ironing regimen, it looks stunning from what I can see!

    • Jay says:

      will do. i didn’t follow a lot of “hair rules” this time around but I’ll post what I did with plenty of disclaimers. đŸ˜‰ Thanks for the compliment!

  2. […] straightening regimen. I’m posting what I did most recently in response to a comment on this post. I straighten my hair about 6 times a year max, and each time the products are completely different […]

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