I’ve had a few people search for reviews on this conditioner and it reminded me that I meant to write one. I was graciously sent a bag of the Blensblend conditioner from a member of a hair forum. It didn’t work for her, so she was giving it away. This line is made by 1Ballerina from Youtube.

First Impression:

The smell is really nice and light. It has a faint sweetness to it. The packaging is different because it comes in a baggy with a screw top. I am almost to the end of my conditioner and because of the design, I can squeeze every last bit of it out…so that’s nice too.


The product is designed to be a 3-in-1-  detangler, rinse out, and leave in conditioner. I’ve used it as a rinse out and leave in conditioner. I don’t detangle as a separate step or use detanglers.  The conditioner is very thick. When you squeeze it out of the small opening, it will keep the cylindrical form.

The product doesn’t have much slip, so it’s not so great when you are in a hurry and detangling in the shower. I find that the consistency is too thick for my taste so I dilute it into a spray bottle. Due to that, I use it mainly as a leave in conditioner. It does an okay job of moisturizing. My hair feels soft for about a day before I have to add more products. I personally like to moisturize when I style only which is about every 3-4 days. I don’t like that it leaves my hair a bit dull and I can sort of feel the conditioner on my hair.


It’s mostly natural- 98% according the label. If you don’t like shea butter, there’s none of that in it.

The price is decent.

The packaging is economical and convenient.

It mixes with water easily and keeps a creamy form no matter how much you dilute it.


It leaves my hair dull. I don’t add oils or butters to the length of my hair so I like for my leave in to do it all. I also feel like my hair doesn’t fully absorb it- like I prefer…


This was just average to me overall. I didn’t dislike it, but I wasn’t wowed. I have other rinse out and leave in products that I like more and offer the same benefits (all natural) for around the same price or cheaper. For those reasons, I will not purchase. I do love 1Ballerina’s positive attitude and spirit and I wish her much success in her business.

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