I read a little bit about the Aunt Jackie’s products online…they are supposed to be knock off Miss Jessie’s. Honestly, I wasn’t interested because the ingredients aren’t natural and it’s basically a beauty supply store line. Then I saw that the products are only $5 for the small sizes and that they are available at Family Dollar stores. I just couldn’t resist. I went to my local Family Dollar and picked up the 9 oz Curl La La (there were only 2 items in stock).

First Impression:

Someone on Curly Nikki described the smell as Hawaiian Punch. I agree and I’m just gonna go with that. It’s like artificial fruit flavored. The scent is quite strong in the jar but I don’t mind it. Some smells make me sick- like lavender, artificial watermelon, and cucumber melon…but I can handle this particular fruit smell. The consistency is like a light cream. The ingredients are absolute garbage. The second and third ingredients are Propylene Glycol  and PPG1 Trideceth-6…lovely. But, I wanted to step out on the ledge anyway (while clutching my clarifying shampoo, lol).


I did not have high hopes for this at all. I wanted something with a good hold (not drying or crunchy) and something that smelled good. I didn’t believe a curling custard could really define my type 4 hair. But I have to admit…this product blew me away. It delivered what it said it would. My curls were defined, with a good hold. Day one hair was shiny. It quickly became dull however. For my wash and go, I detangled with Blensblend conditioner (my leave in). I coated my hair heavily with shea butter (I was scurred of those bad ingredients). I then went back and coated large sections in the Curl La La. See pics here.


Price- it was only $5 for 9 oz. I used about 1/3 of the jar in one go but I have a ton of hair. The product did spread easily so that’s a plus.

It’s available on the ground. No need to wait for shipping.

It definitely defined my 4a hair, better than expected.


Those ingredients, lawd, those ingredients. I felt like my hair needed a baptising after using this. But it did work- despite the crap that’s in it. You get what you pay for right.


I think I’ll be naughty and purchase again. I’ve seen YTers rave about Jane Carter Solution curl defining products but that is $18 for 6oz. For now I’ll stick to the cheap stuff. I graduate to the better stuff in the future. I also like this way, way more than Miss Jessie’s curling pudding.

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