Taking care of your body internally is a great way to boost your hair growth. Hair vitamins are specially formulated to provide essential vitamins and minerals for healthy hair. Ideally, we would get everything we need for our hair and body as a whole through our diet…but realistically, that’s not always the case.

Viviscal Extra Strength vitamins contain a proprietary blend of marine protein complex, biotin, horsetail and other ingredients to help you achieve longer, thicker, healthier hair. Stress, hormonal changes, over styling, poor nutrition, age, menopause, post-pregnancy, and medication can impact on the health of the hair and hair growth. Viviscal vitamins provide nutrients to nourish hair from the inside and promote healthy hair growth.


Viviscal Extra Strength - Grow Your Hair Faster, Longer, Heathier

I personally became really impressed with the growth and health of YouTuber DenimPixie who took Viviscal vitamins.



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