I’m on yet another health kick. I’ve been working out and sweating heavily everyday. I needed a hairstyle that was low maintenance but I wasn’t ready to invest time in mini braids. I saw this video from MsTanish1 on YouTube. She explains her routine for maintaining her 4b hair in loose twists with braided roots. I decided to give it a go.

It took me around 3 hours to complete…I did them over 2 days because I had to get to the gym before it closed. My hair looked great the first day. I’ve worn the twists up most of the time. My ends looked kinda crazy by day 2, so I braided them to prevent the hair from coming out of the twists and unraveling. Even with the braided ends (I didn’t do it for all of them) my hair is still coming loose. I have washed them a few times because I sweat a lot throughout the week. They are also very loose at the roots from new growth.

The pics in boxes 1-3 are from today. I think I put these in on March 30th. You’ll notice the last row in the back is cornrowed to protect the hair in my nape. The twists look very ratty already and I’m ready to take them out. I may do them again…I’m not sure yet. Every Saturday I DC so I’ll decide tomorrow. Twists in general do not agree with my hair. They don’t stay in, the hair gathers at the ends and gets tangled and I have tons of loose strands that wrap around other twists and create spider web type knots. If I do decide to redo these the longest they’ll last is about a week.

The last pic is one of the ways I’ve styled these.




2 Responses to My Current Hairstyle- Loose Twists with Braided Roots

  1. Lina says:

    they look cute to me! But I like the fuzzy, “ratty” loc look.. Lina

    • Jay says:

      thanks! 🙂 the phone pic doesn’t quite capture what was going on. there were so many strands of loose hair in between the twists so they had to go. I did end up putting in another set. I might continue to style my hair like this each week.

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