I’ve  used this product for about 11 years now. Back in the day, cholesterol was all this relaxed head knew about deep treatments. I washed, conditioned and occasionally used this to deep condition (DC) because I did turrible, yes tUrrible stuff to my hair…like pouring peroxide and lemon juice all over it and overlapping my relaxers. :O

I let this go after I transitioned and tried to find a natural approved DC. I’ve yet to find one that compares to good ol’ LeKair Cholesterol. This is the only brand I like and I use it weekly on my natural hair. I’ve purchased with my own funds and I usually buy 2 jars at a time for less than $2 each.

First Impression:

I’ve used this forever, I don’t remember my absolute first impression. I’ve tried lots of cholesterols and nothing works like this one. It’s a goopy, thick, not quite opaque conditioner with a strange smell- not unpleasant, just unidentifiable.


I absolutely love this stuff! It makes my hair feel so strong! It’s moisturized and soft but the strands themselves feel like they can withstand more. I used this while double processed (relaxed and colored) and received tons of compliments about the condition of my hair from hairdressers. I realized that there were some products that worked well on my relaxed hair that could also work well on my natural hair. I’m glad I went back to this because it’s been great for my natural hair too.


Only $2 at Walmart. I buy 2 or 3 at a time and it lasts a while. The jar is 20 oz…and always says 25% more free, more than what? idk. If I DC on dry hair , I end up using a lot more product than necessary because it’s so thick.  Add some water and get more bang for your buck. If I’m in mini braids and I’m feeling lazy I apply it lightly and I don’t rinse it out.


The smell could be nicer (scent is so important to me) but it doesn’t linger anyway. It contains alcohols, parabens, mineral oil and other yucky stuff. I use it anyway because the jojoba oil, aloe vera, collagen, vitamins, and of course cholesterol work very well for my hair. Despite all that this product is Curly Girl approved.


I’ll probably look for other all natural DC’s without no-no ingredients like mineral oil. But I love this so much, I don’t see the point in letting it go right now. I can use this and still cut out silicones which is great. The price is excellent and it’s a convenient way for me to strengthen my very fine hair.

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