It’s been a whole month…yay! I’ll have these in for about another 1-2 weeks. I have a wedding to attend on the 19th and I’m flat ironing my hair for it. Hopefully the Florida humidity won’t have me looking a hot mess.

This update was actually due to be posted yesterday, but I totally forgot. The pics aren’t that great because I curled my mini braids for a style tutorial…stay tuned for that.

I measured my hair in several places. After 1 month, I have 1/2″ of growth in my crown (which grows the slowest but it’s the longest hair on my head due to haircuts. I’d have a mullet if I didn’t shape my hair regularly). The rest of my hair has grown 3/4″! I’m very pleased with that. My usual growth rate is a little over 1/3″ so 3/4″ is great for me. šŸ˜€

Without further adieu…

During this week, I sorta DC with Giovanni Nutrafix, I left it on my hair, didn’t rinse, and just put Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Masque over it to moisturize. I didn’t workout much…I think I ran a few miles and did some push-ups and crunches over the entire course of the week. I didn’t cowash much, I mostly rinsed my hair with water in the shower and moisturized afterward.

*my photo editor is not cooperating, images are not watermarked…please do not copy orĀ distributeĀ without explicit permission, thank you.

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