There are a few methods you can use to minimize frizz while you wash your mini braids. If you braids are prone to unraveling, you will need to secure the ends of your braids with ponytail holders using a method that will be outlined in a post at a later date. (whew, that’s 1 long sentence, lol) If you have no problem with unraveling, use this method for cowashing. You can wash in a sink, but I prefer to cowash the shower.

1. Standing under the stream, tilt your head back and let the water run over your braids. Separate the hair and lift the bulk of the braids so all of your hair is adequately saturated with water.

2. Put conditioner in your hands then smooth it over the braids, always moving your hands from the roots to the tips of the braids. Do not disturb the direction the hair is going. Tilt your head to the side and use your hands in a clapping motion to smooth the ends.

3. To cleanse your scalp, place both hands on your head and gentle massage the scalp by flexing the fingers. Don’t lift your fingers or rough up your roots just massage. When that area is clean move your hands to a new area, place your fingers so the middle sections are reached and cleansed.

4. Tilt your head under the shower stream to rinse clean. Squeeze the braids to get rid of the conditioner. Let the braids soak up more water then gently wring (don’t twist, just squeeze) them out again. Repeat until the water runs clear and the braids feel free of conditioner and residue.

5. Use a towel or cotton shirt to soak up excess water in the hair. Place the towel over the braids then squeeze to draw the water out of the braids and into the towel. Do not rub the towel over the hair. Press and squeeze only in order to prevent frizz. You can let your hair air-dry loose, in a ponytail, or covered with a silk scarf. My hair takes a long time to dry so I wait until it’s about 80% dry before I put  it in a top knot and place a silk scarf over my braids.

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