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This is a very logical question. Mini twists are much more popular in the natural hair community from what I’ve observed. Although I really like the look of them on some people, they are just not a practical hairstyle for me. I’ve found that water is almost like krytonite to my mini twists. It’s not a good idea to cowash while in twists and I love to cowash my hair.

twists from January 2012

Everything starts off great when I put mini twists in. It takes less time than mini braids and I still get to see some length without using heat. Twists also look plumper than mini braids. The downside, however, is that my ends tend to look frayed. The end up damaged. My ends on the in the twists don’t play nice. They aren’t protected and end up more split and single strand knot prone than if I wore wash and goes.

After a few conditioner washes, strands of hair somehow tangle around the twist like a spider’s web. The hair also comes out of the twists which cause even more problems. It’s impractical for me to exercise daily, cowash, and otherwise continue my normal routine with mini twists in. I end up regretting spending the time to put them in almost instantly.

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3 Responses to Why Not Mini Twists?

  1. Crystal says:

    I thought I was the only one who had problems with mini twist. First of all it took me nine hours to do, I left it in for 3 weeks co-washing once a week and moisturizing when needed. The fourth week I wore a twist out. The fifth week I decided to wash and detangle to reset my mini twist but my hair was so tangled and in knots I wound up losing more hair than I would have if I had never bothered. Uhgggg! I loved the look of the twists but because of the damage I suffered do to the mini’s I will probably never do them again unless I can find a way for them not to tangle. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Now, I know it wasn’t necessarily anything that I did wrong in damaging my hair. I realize that mini twist are just not meant for my hair. 🙂

    • Jay says:

      I think my hair is way too fine for twists. No matter what I do, strand of hair make their way out of the twists and tangle with everything around them. When I was on a hair forum, quite a few people shared the same experience. If I washed loose twists I might as well big chop because that is not a detangling session I want to have. I always get frustrated and rip through my hair. I’m definitely with you on this. Thanks for sharing and HHJ!!!!

  2. Angie says:

    The problem is you can’t wash them. Try steaming them, moisturizing them with diy spritz with oil, water and essential oil like rosemary,tea tree, or peppermint to clean your scalp. Them seal ends with oil or butter. This keeps your ends from knotting.

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