My bun looks thick right? Well it’s deceptively thick. I used the bun method posted by MsDanti on YouTube. Here’s a pic tutorial on how I modified it for my mini braids…

What you’ll need: Ponytail holder and a handful of hair pins(not bobby pins). You’ll need to stuff hair into the pins so these work better than bobby pins. Start with about 5 and grab more if you need to.

Place hair in high ponytail at crown of head. Secure it by looping twice. Choose a color that can be camouflaged (brown/black, etc…).

Separate a small section of hair to form the side of the bun. This is sort of like a ballerina bun so place your finger in the middle of your ponytail to figure out how much hair will go into each curved side. If you need to, secure the rest of the braids out of the way. I am working with the braids in my right hand.

Bend that hair over your fingers and begin to roll it under to create a neat loop. Tuck the ends all the way under. It should look like there is an invisible roller in your hair.
Pin the loop in place where the bottom edge meets your head. The pin is under my right index finger. Repeat the process with the next section: roll, tuck pin; until you have a complete 360 bun.

Here is the top view of two completed rolls. I’m leaning my head back here. Spread the braids where the two rolls meet to close any gaps. Tuck the stray braids into the bun or into the closest pin.

Here’s the same two rolls from another angle. You can see the gap here. I’m looking forward into the camera with my head down. I promise I’m clothed, lol.
Finished bun from another day. It’s not very neat because it was the end of a long day and I was constantly playing with it. You can push the sides up and mold the bun into the shape you want it. Add a few more pins if you need to. 🙂




If you’re looking for a short cut, there are a ton of bun accessories on the market now. Hot Buns are great for a quick braided or loose bun. Click below to purchase online.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this was so helpful. thank you!

    • Jay says:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try to more of these picture tutorials. This bun also works for loose straight or kinky curly hair.

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