I’ve been asked what styles can be done on short mini braids. I’ll publish a few suggestions that can work well if your hair is short, long and in between.

Milkmaid braids are simple, if you know how to cornrow… If you don’t know how to cornrow, now is the best time to learn! Braiding on mini braids is significantly easier to braid on than loose hair. It’s easier to pick up bunches of braids, rather than wrestle with separating hair to braid or cornrow.

This style works for shoulder length hair. Ear length ladies can do two rows of braids, rather than one. For milkmaid braids, I part my hair off-center in the front and separate my hair into two sections (parted down the middle). I cornrow each side toward the back of my head and stop when the braids meet. While braiding, I smooth all the braids toward the perimeter so they rest flatly on my head. I take the two cornrows, cross them at the back and pin each end down. I tuck in the braids that stick out and bobby pin them if I have to.

This style is very boho but it’s great for a protective style as well. Many celebs, like Nicole Richie and Tracy Ellis Ross wear it often. Here’s what milkmaid braids look like on my armpit length hair…


The front is parted off center


My 2 cornrows crossed at the back


A few braids should have tucked in here

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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I was searching for more styles that keep my braids off my face/neck 🙂

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