I was asked this question on the hair forum I belong to (shout out to LHCF). Here’s what I said in a response to a question on whether parting matters when it comes to matting.

Parting doesn’t necessarily matter. I like to use a grid parting method because I’m less likely to have stray hairs that miss being braided or random strands criss-crossing my head and feeding into other braids. The parting shouldn’t matter when considering how long it takes for braids to get fuzzy. If you choose to use organic parting (not square and done with your fingers) make sure there is no hair left behind without a braid. The braids should also be roughly the same diameter.

Look for additional articles on how to part hair for braids. I do not brush or comb my hair unless I plan to straighten it. I’ve flat ironed (therefore brushed or combed) twice between November 2011 and now (June 2012). The only tool I use to do my hair is the end of a rat tail comb or a mechanical pencil (with no lead in it). I’ll do a tutorial on exactly how I do my parting and get it so straight.

3 Responses to Parting- Does it Matter?

  1. I cannot wait until you complete the tutorial … I love the way you have your hair parted on your pix. I cannot seem to figure out the method for myself. Your blog is awesome by the way.


    • Jay says:

      Thank you so much! I’m working on that tutorial now. I didn’t think to take pics while I was braiding so I’ll do my best to photograph my hair now and explain how I parted.

  2. […] previously posted my thoughts on parts and whether or not the shape matters. You can read the full process I use to put in my mini braids in the ebook. Sometimes I make my […]

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