It’s that time again. The weeks have seriously flown by. Thanks for the continuing support along the way. I had these braids in for 4 weeks! I’ll go at least another 4 weeks because they are in such great shape.

During this past week, I trimmed each and every braid and cut off split ends and single strand knots. I examined a few of my braids and found more split ends…bummer. As a result, I’ll be using more protein until the splits are at bay. I’m using up some Motions CPR that was at the back of my closet. When that’s done I’ll use Aphogee 2 min. I use a protein treatment once a week and leave it on for maybe 5-10 mins.

everyday style

I’ve cowashed a few times, mostly whenever my hair felt dry. I slept in my silk scarf every night. I wore a high bun everyday.

I’d say I got anywhere from 1/4″ to 1/2″ (depending on the area) of new growth during these 4 weeks. That’s about normal for me because my growth rate is on the slow side. I’m happy to know that I retained every bit of that growth (minus the trim of course). I’ve said before that I keep my braids in until the root curls- still no curl, it’s just wavy at the root.

length ck june 28, 2012

new growth at 4 weeks 6/28/12
top june 28, 2012
back june 28, 2012

4 Responses to My Mini Braids- Update Week 4

  1. amija says:

    It’s funny because growing up, in my circle, our parents would not let us relax or press our hair so all of my friends were natural. One of my friends wore mini-braids from when we were little until she graduated from high school. I thought of her when I decided to do mini-braids for my dd. I’m loving your blog because it’s the only one I’ve seen that documents the journey of using mini-braids. I’ll be stalking!

    • Jay says:

      I wish I had put up with my mom’s wonky mini braids instead of asking for a relaxer. When I moved to the States, no one had natural hair. I love my natural hair now and it’s funny that I’m using a similar hair care routine from when I was a girl.

  2. Poupee says:

    since I saw your blog, 4weeks ago, I put mini braids. today is exactly 22days. I want to put them down (like to play with my hair, that’s bad), but I am trying to stretch it to next week. It will be 4 weeks. I moisturized and sealed every day and do the GHE. They are fuzzy, but I don’t know if they grow.
    THanks a lot.

    • Jay says:

      I know the feeling of wanting to play in your hair, lol. 4 weeks is good goal. Moisturizing daily and GHE will cause frizziness and fuzz because the water makes the short hairs come loose and they stick out of the braids. I can guarantee that your hair as grown. Mini braids help retain length and are a great way to protect the length of your hair.Hope you have a happy and healthy hair journey! Thanks for sharing your experience. đŸ™‚

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