I completed these braids on May 29, 2012. It took me less than a week to put them in and I didn’t braid at all on some days or very little on others. It’s a good idea to give yourself at least 2-4 days for installing mini braids so you won’t be tempted to cut corners. I’ve used this method for many years so I do my braids very small. These are much smaller than what I’d recommend for someone new to mini braids. Even if you’re used to wearing teeny tiny mini twist, I wouldn’t recommend it because braids are more labor intensive than twists.

Here are pictures of my mini braids from several points of view. I try to make my parts straight and stick to a grid (to prevent snagged or loose hair) but my parts aren’t perfect. I no longer use a mirror to make the parts in the back. I just place my finger on the part to judge if it’s straight. I’m able to do a pretty good job with that method although some rows are askew, lol. I’ll post detailed articles on how to part hair for mini braids at a later date. Be sure to check back.

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