There’s not much information across the web as of yet. I’ll fill in details as they come and delete vendors who are not having sales this year. Visit vendor’s respective sites for most up-to-date and accurate information.

Beauty Supply Category Sale Title Dates Promotion Codes Restrictions
Hairfinity Hair Care, Vitamins* Black Friday 20% Off BLACKHF15 Max 4 Bottles
Alikay Naturals Hair Care* Pre Black Friday; Black Friday; SBS, Cyber Monday 25 Nov; 26 Nov - 27 Nov; 28 Nov; 30 Nov 25% Off; 40% Off; 10% off, Free shipping & free gift $65+; 25% Off Discount off entire site. No code. While supplies last.
Aubrey Organics Hair Care
Bee Mine Hair Care* Doorbuster 26 Nov; Black Friday 26 Nov 6 PM - 8PM EST; 8:01 PM EST 26 Nov - 27 Nov 11:59 PM EST 40% off; 35% off GIVETHANKS; 3GIVETHANKS Minimum $35 Purchase
Camile Rose Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 29 Nov 25% off crnblackfriday
Carol's Daughter Hair Care
Coastal Scents Make Up, Butters, Oils Up to 55% off entire site
Curls Hair Care* Black Friday 50% Off everything Froday15
Curl Mart Beauty Supply Grey Friday 20 Nov 25% Off & $5 Shipping No Code
Curlformers Rollers Black Friday 27 Nov - 30 Nov Midnight 20% off
Darcy's Botanicals Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 29 Nov 25% Off thankyou
Donna Marie Hair Care
Hairveda Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov Midnight - 30 Nov 11:59 PM 40% Off BLKFRI
Hattache Beauty Supply Black Friday 26 Nov 9:00 PM - 27 Nov 11:59 PM 25% Off & Free US Shipping on $65 or more BF2015 Excludes Synthetic Hair
Hot Combs Hair Tools Winter Sale 15% Off Beauty
Jane Carter Solutions Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov 11:59 PM 40% Off BF2015 excludes regimens, kits, prescriptions, bundles
Hydratherma Naturals Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 1 Dec 25% Off SUPERSALE
Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Care* Black Friday 30% Off of $50+ Blackfriday 1 Coupon per Order
Koils By Nature Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov 6 AM - 2 PM 25% Off blackfriday2015
Komaza Hair Care Hair Care* Black Friday 26 Nov 11:59 PM PST - 27 Nov 11:59 PM PST 20% Off $50+ 112715 Excludes values sets, samples, & hair analysis
Kurlie Belle Hair Care
Miss Jessie's Hair Care*
Original Moxie Hair Care Black Friday 27 Nov - 30 Nov 30% Off on $30+ OMBF2015
Ouidad Hair Care
Oyin Handmade Hair Care* Black Friday 25% Off & Free S/H Domestic orders
Q-Redew Hair Steamer Door Buster; Black Friday; Cyber Monday 27 Nov 12:00 - 11:00 AM CST; 27 Nov 11:00 AM - 11:59 PM CST; 28 Nov - 30 Nov $20 Off; $15 Off; $10 Off BlackFriday; CyberSale
Sally Beauty Supply Beauty Supply 18 Nov - 20 Nov 20% off $50 or more 888503 Online Only
Shescentit Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 30 Nov 11:59 PM 30% Off HELLOBEAUTIFUL
Soutanicals Hair Care* Black Friday 40% Off [TBA]
Uncle Funky's Daughter Hair Care* Annual Sale 25% Off everything SLEIGHCURLS
Ynobe Shop Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 4 Dec 40% off all orders Blackfri15
Manetabolism Hair Care, Vitamins* Flash Sale 50% Off Everything; 40% off Everything; 30% off everything BLACKOUT50; BLACKOUT40; BLACKOUT30
T. Jewel's Butters and Oils* Black Friday- Flash Sale 27 Nov 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM PST 30% off all items Thanks No Combined Offers, 1 Coupon Per Person
Terressentials Organics Clay Wash, Skin Care Free Shipping Special expires 30 Nov 11 PM EST Free Shipping on $75 or more free shipping Contiguous US
Curl Kit Hair Care* Pre- Black Friday 19 Nov - 22 Nov 40% Off All Products EARLYBFS
Eden Body Works Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov 30% Off of $30 or more blackfriday
TGIN Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov - 29 Nov 11:59 PM CST $9.99 Hair Products Black15
Taliah Waajid Hair Care* Black Friday 27 Nov 12 AM to 12 PM 40% Off Sitewide
Qhemet Biologics Hair Care* Small Business Saturday 28 Nov 10 AM EST - 6 PM EST 25% Off Happy
Anita Grant Hair Care* (UK) Cyber Week Ends 02 Dec 20-30% Off Excludes makeup & samples


Vendors marked with an asterisk [*] are black owned businesses.

I have my post for this year’s Black Friday Sales in draft and ready to post next week. If you’re a vendor and would like to add your details, please email me with the following information:

email: or

  • Company name
  • Website Link
  • Sale dates and times- ex. runs Friday, 27 Nov. 12:01 am – Saturday, 28 Nov. midnight
  • Sale Title- ex Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc
  • Coupon Codes if applicable
  • Discount percentage or sale details
  • Sale restrictions- ex. minimum spend, no combined offers, etc

The weather here is defeating me. My hair is so dry and crunchy feeling. I used my shea butter mix to braid my hair in 2 french braids. My hair felt wiry and brittle. I just had enough and decided to flat iron my hair. Probably not the best decision because I knew I wanted to wear my hair curly for my holiday a week later. Luckily for me, my hair completely reverted even though I used no heat protectant.

I shampooed with a clarifying shampoo, then used my Maple Holistics Silk 18 conditioner- read my review here. I then used my Shea Moisture Milk as a leave in and coconut oil before blowdrying and flat ironing.


IMG_7837 IMG_7836 Photo on 17-10-2015 at 2.07 pm #2



The Black Friday sales season is right around the corner. This year I’ll be posting to my soon-to-be revamped site, as well as here. If you’re a natural hair product vendor and beauty product vendor and would like to have your sales information added to the list of Black Friday sales, please email or

Edit: Here’s a link to last years sale post:

Please Include In Your Email:

  • Company name
  • Sale dates and times- ex. runs Friday, 27 Nov. 12:01 am – Saturday, 28 Nov. midnight
  • Sale Title- ex Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, etc
  • Coupon Codes if applicable
  • Discount percentage or sale details
  • Sale restrictions- ex. minimum spend, no combined offers, etc
  • Website link



The last product I received from Maple Holistics is the Dead Sea Mud Mask.  The website claims “Dead Sea Mud Mask is a facial mask combines 100% pure Dead Sea Mud with an incredible essential oil synergy to maximize results for healthy, toned skin.”

First Impression:

The jar is a good size. One thing I noticed was there are no instructions on the packaging. I think all products should come with directions- even if those directions are as simple as slap it on and rinse it off. My jar did make a transatlantic flight so the mud had settled a bit and water pooled at the top. I spilled some because I’m clumsy. The mud, however, is very rich and dense.


I put on a very thin layer all over my face. It took very little product- maybe a finger tip amount. I know this jar will last me a very long time. The smell of the mud is quite earthy. When it first went on my face it had a nice cooling sensation. I think I left it on for at least 15 mins and most of my face dried in that time. There were spots here and there that were still wet. The first time I used this I rinsed off as much as I could- which wasn’t much- by splashing my face with water. Then I went to town with my Clarisonic- bad idea. I could hear the motor slowing down. So I turned it off and took off the brush head to clean it out. I then used my flannel/washcloth- also a bad idea. The mud embedded into the cloth and stained it. If you don’t mind stains- a cloth is probably the best way to remove the mud. I didn’t like the dark mud stains, so now I use a disposable face wipe to take off the majority of the mud. Then I follow up with a cloth. The very first time I used this mask, I noticed the large pores on my nose were noticeably smaller. A lot of my blackheads were gone too. It definitely cleared my skin better than my Clarisonic alone. And I swear by my skin care regimen- you can read up on it here.


The cost and size of the product are very economical. I could imagine this lasting ages with weekly use. It feels and smells really nice. I’m somewhat sensitive to smells and natural ingredients. This has a light earthy scent and a very pleasant soothing feeling on the skin. It left my skin feeling clean and looking radiant. My blackheads and large pores were much less visible.


It did take quite a while to dry. Then again, I’m not sure you’re supposed to wait until it dries- there are no instructions (unless I overlooked them).


I don’t know if I necessarily need this in my skincare regimen. It did noticeably improve the appearance of my blackheads. My main skincare concern, however, is hyperpigmentation. I’m just too lazy to have a bunch of steps and products involved in my skin care. I currently use a face mask that helps fade my dark marks. I don’t think this product would do that for me since the ingredients are focused on firming and toning skin for a younger look. This is great product for a relaxing pampering session. It just feels so nice and changes your mood quite a bit. I’ve had this product since August and I’ve only used it twice. If I stuck to a structured skincare regimen, I could fit this in and get the benefits of more radiant looking skin. Right now I’m still working on washing my face every night and clearing these scars from my cheeks.

This is a great product for a great price. If you’re looking to add a mask to your pamper routine, I would definitely recommend.

See my reviews of Maple Holistics hair products here and here. Stay tuned for an upcoming product giveaway sponsored by Maple Holistics.


My twist outs never turn out nice in my opinion. They never look neat or shiny (as shiny as my hair gets) like the girls on YouTube. My hair in twist outs usually looks more like mature locks than anything else. I just think my hair looks nicer in braid outs and the hair is less webby and tangled. I did do a set of twists that would have made for a really nice twist out… But of course, they didn’t dry completely.

I think the reason they came out nicer than usual is because-

  • I did them on soaking wet hair.
  • I made them smaller than usual. I do prefer the look of larger twist outs but I think I have to master small twists before trying a chunky twist out.
  • I used my Wetline Xtreme gel over Shea Moisture Curl and Style Milk and coconut oil to set my hair. Wetline gel has a nice soft hold and it worked well for this style.

Here are my twists. I actually didn’t take a picture of the twist out. My hair was still a bit damn when I took the twists out, so I wore my hair in a puff for my night out at the fair.

Photo on 03-10-2015 at 2.37 pm #3

Photo on 03-10-2015 at 2.37 pm #4


I was sent the Silk18 Natural Hair Conditioner with Shea Butter & Jojoba Oil by Maple Holistics for review. I’ve previously reviewed the Winter Blend Shampoo and Conditioner.

First Impression:

I was extremely (yes, extremely) eager to try this conditioner. The ingredients have everything that my hair loves and needs- silk amino acids, aloe vera, keratin- to name a few. My hair is super fine and fragile and needs a lot of protein- for strength and moisture- to keep it from drying out and snapping off. From the description alone, I figured this could be a holy grail product for me.


The first thing I noticed was the scent. It’s a very strong vanilla scent. It’s pleasant and not at all overwhelming. The conditioner consistency is smooth. It spread quite easily over my hair. It did an excellent job of softening my hair. Immediately, I could feel the difference. My coils and curls and naps clumped together and it was fairly easy to finger detangle my hair.


The ingredients are protein based and meant to strengthen. That is absolutely what my hair needs. My hair didn’t necessarily feel strengthened after one use- but that makes it great for daily or weekly conditioning- I assume hair wouldn’t get that hard protein feeling from continued use. The scent was nice and lingered a bit. My bf actually mentioned that my hair smelled nice and he never notices that sort of thing, lol. It was easy to detangle with it and it provided a lot of slip without the need to use tons of product.


The biggest con for me is that I’m now in England and can’t get ahold of this product as easily. :(


I’m not at all a product junkie. However, I do think I’ve tried a fair share of natural conditioners. This is by fair my favorite one. It works well for my hair and I wouldn’t be surprised if others found it just as moisturizing. The slip is amazing as well. My curls and coils clumped together, making it perfect for using before a wash and go. I would definitely purchase the larger bottle during a sale and make a haul of it. It would be nice with a pump as well. Click here to purchase from Maple Holistics.

I was contacted by Maple Holistics to try out some of their products. I perused the webstore and picked out the Winter Blend Shampoo and Winter Blend Conditioner, the Silk 18 Conditioner and the Dead Sea Mud Mask. I’m going to split up the reviews for each product type. I’ve yet to try the Silk 18 Conditioner, but I’m most excited about using that one!

I chose the Winter Blend products because I really love the tingly feeling from minty stuff, but products like that usually have tea tree in them. I’m allergic to tea tree, so it’s hard to find something tingly that agrees with my skin. Maple Holistics Winter Blend products contain peppermint, spearmint, wild  mint, bergamot mint, and eucalyptus.


First Impression:

Shampoo- This product is really creamy for a shampoo. I don’t shampoo regularly- I mostly co-wash and only use a clarifying shampoo when needed. Since my usual shampoo is clarifying and quite drying…I was really impressed with this shampoo. It’s sulphate free and did not leave my hair feeling dry or stripped. The first time I used it it wasn’t as tingly as I expected. The next time I shampooed and conditioned, I did feel more of the tingle but my hair was in twists so my scalp was more easily accessible, I suppose.

Conditioner- The ingredients are really nice in this product. It includes stuff like aloe, argan oil, pomegranate, and silk amino acids. The consistency is really nice. Similarly to the shampoo, it smells minty but the scent is not strong or overwhelming.


Shampoo- I did like the creaminess of the shampoo. I felt like I had to shampoo twice to get a really good lather. I also feel like I used a lot of the product. I’ve used this twice and have 2/3 of the bottle left. One of those times my hair was in twists and I only shampooed my scalp and avoided the length of my twists altogether. Normally, it takes me years to go through a bottle of shampoo but I could get through this one in a few months. I’ll admit, I’m not used to sulphate free shampoos so that might be part of my issue.

Conditioner- This conditioner felt really nice on my hair. It rinsed out well and left my hair soft. I actually didn’t use a leave in after the first time I used this product. My hair air-dried and still felt soft 3 days later with absolutely nothing on it. I expect to really run through conditioners. but this one actually spread pretty easily. I used almost 1/2 the bottle in two uses. For me that’s really good…especially for a small bottle. To contrast, I don’t think the Tresemme Naturals conditioners spread very well. When I don’t dilute it, I use 750 mL of product in 3-4 cowashes.


The ingredients in both products are great! I like the tingling, but it could be stronger. The shampoo was surprisingly moisturising. The conditioner was really good and made my usually-dry-hair soft for days. At this size, they would be convenient for me to take on weekend or day trips.They are small enough to fit in my backpack or small suitcase and large enough to get a few uses out of them. Maple Holistics also has two size options on the site- 8 oz or the 16 oz size.


Again, my bottles are really small- both 8oz bottles. :( I tend to use a lot of product and I have a lot of hair. Unfortunately at this size, it won’t last me long.


I was really impressed with these products. I hadn’t heard of the company before they contacted me. Everything is very professionally packaged. The ingredients are really nice and all natural. I was skeptical after browsing the site and not seeing any women of color. I wondered if these would work well on my natural afro hair. I’ve had a very difficult time adjusting my hair and skin to the British weather and water and the last thing I needed was a product that made the dryness worse. These products were very moisturising. I also think the pricing is fair because the ingredients are great and they perform well.

I had my hair blown out for a few days. I went to Scotland and my hair looked a mess from almost 4 hours of hiking and just generally not spending any time to keep it somewhat maintained in rainy, muggy weather. I was so over my hair that when I got back, I immediately started twisting it. I didn’t plan on doing them this small or parting them- I wanted to spend only a few hours putting them in… But I ended up taking my time and doing them small and neatly over 3 days.

Here are some pics of the style. My twists are about a week old. I had them in 2 french braids overnight to stretch them and make them crinkly.

Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.08 pm #2 Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.09 pm Photo on 30-08-2015 at 1.10 pm #3


As mentioned previously,  I took part in a photoshoot for Essence Magazine. Photographer Kelvin Bulluck photographed naturals from London and the surrounding areas. We got to select two photos from the shoot to have edited for our personal use.

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 10.53.32 am


These are the two I chose.

IMG_6055-0 IMG_6082-0


Photo cred- Kelvin Bullock Portrait Series “Coquine: The Beauty of Kinky Hair Realized”


Life Update

I’ve been MIA over the last 2 months. As previously mentioned, I relocated to the UK. I moved in with my Great Aunt and Uncle while getting settled. Last month, my beloved Aunt passed away. It was devastating for the whole family. She truly was and is the great matriarch from our family. Slowly things are getting back to normal, but it doesn’t feel normal with her not here. I sit her in her house with my uncle and we feel her missing everyday. I guess it was good timing for me to move across the world because I’m somewhat able to keep my uncle company. The best thing I can do is to remember her and get back to real life. Part of “real life” for me includes blogging.

Beauty Update

The past couple of months have been an adjustment. Everyone asks if I’m culture shocked, but it doesn’t feel weird to be here. I did grow up in England so it feels somewhat normal. I’ve finally stopped saying dollars when I mean pounds…and I’ve stopped converting everything to dollars before I purchase. The biggest adjustment has probably been for my hair and skin. They are so dry. I have never been this ashy in my life! In Florida, I could easily get away with not moisturising my hair or only putting hand cream on the bits of my skin that were showing. Not here. Everything is just dry, dry, dry. I think that could be due to the weather and the water. I’ve also been styling my hair a lot.

Blog Update

I have a few style pics that I want to share. My hair is currently in mini twists. I’ll probably leave them in for a month total. I have some product reviews to post from items that were sent to me. I’ve only used them once, so I want to give it more time before I give my final review. I’ll also be hosting a product giveaway, so stay tuned for that.

Thanks for continuing to visit, read, and comment on the blog. I’m happy to be back posting once a week. :)




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