Here’s a roundup of Black Friday (November 28, 2014) natural hair care vendor sales from around the web. Some listings include Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday deals. Click on the vendor names to visit their respective websites.

I will be out of the country with limited time to use the internet while away. I’m having my sister maintain the blog while I’m away, so please be patient with any updates to the list and always rely on the vendors for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Please rely on vendors for most accurate and up to date sale details.

The list will be updated when more information is available. Stay tuned! 

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If you’re a natural hair care brand selling bath or beauty products and would like to be added to my list of sales information, please send details to Here’s a link to last year’s list- Black Friday 2013 Roundup. Thanks!


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Target is kicking off the Holiday season with a BIG announcement – starting on 10/22/14, all orders will be eligible for FREE shipping! You read that right … ALL orders will receive free shipping, no minimum purchase required. This is only for a limited time so get your holiday shopping done early and stock up on your beauty needs.

The links in this post contain affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my link.


I’ve worn wash and goes a lot lately. I went out a few days in a row so my hair was smokey. I had a baby shower to attend and didn’t want to wash and restyle. My fix was a high bun. I wet my roots and wrestled my hair into a ponytail. I had to take it down and redo it several times throughout the day because it’s really hard to get all my hair gathered neatly. It’s a process, lol. When I got my ponytail as tight as it was gonna get and my hair was as smooth as it gets, I wrapped my ends around into a bun and used hair pins to keep it in place. (Please excuse the white specs, the mirror was a bit dirty.)



Save 10% Use Promotional Code: COCO14 when placing your order at: Offer Expires: 10/20/2014

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I’m attempting to migrate the newsletter handling from to a third party. I realize it can be annoying to receive an email for every new post on the blog. Anyone subscribed to the previous newsletter has automatically been added to the subscribers list for the new service. From now on, subscribers will receive only one email a week. The Mini Braid Method newsletter will be sent out every Monday. It will include a summary of the posts from the previous week (if any). I believe I have successfully disabled the previous email service. If not, please leave a comment below or contact me via If you would like the option of receiving a monthly newsletter (or daily) please comment below. Thanks for your continued support and if you have any other suggestions for improving the blog let me know! :)


Save on $10 on a QRedew hair steamer with code HairCrush. Hurry sale ends October 12, 2014. The QRedew is great for refreshing curls, deep conditioning, or softening the hair before restyling.



If you have a tight or zig-zag curl pattern, it’s important to pay careful attention to your ends. If your ends do not naturally spiral curl, they can tangle more easily. Recently, I braided my niece’s hair. I didn’t have time to complete the whole thing, so I told my sister to do the rest. I noticed in just a few days the side that my sister did is very dry and tangled on the ends. The side that I did still feels moisturized and isn’t tangled. The difference is that I two-strand twisted the last inch of her mini braids. I don’t braid all the way to the end (not even on my own hair) because I want to be able to take the braids out without using a rat-tail comb or other tool. While I leave my own 4a ends loose, for tighter curl/coil patterns, it’s important to have the ends secured in some way. Twisting the ends will keep the hair organized and lead to less tangles and more moisture. Twists are also easier to undo than teeny tiny braids.


Back in June I posted an article about how I got rid of (or lessened) my acne. I have a lot of hyperpigmentation and scarring that was left behind. I ordered a Clarisonic in hopes that it would help the marks fade. In July, I finally received my Clarisonic from Beauty Store Depot. I’ve used the Clarisonic almost everyday since. My cleanser has pretty much stayed the same. I use the Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash (from Target)- usually to remove makeup or for a gentle cleanse. I more recently added Sibu Sea Buckhorn Cleansing Face and Body Bar for deeper cleaning. I also use Earth Science Papaya-Glycolic Gentle Skin Peel about twice a month. For the past 6 weeks or so, I use a gentle AHA moisturizer at night. [Don't forget to use code EKI823 for first time customer discount.]

I think in a few months, my skin has definitely improved. I know people say that the Clarisonic does not exfoliate and it’s only a deep cleanser, but in my routine it has definitely made a difference and exfoliated away some of my scarring. I will most likely do a chemical peel at some time in the future. I want my skin to be completely even. I am happy with the results so far. I can cover the scars with two layers my foundation- which is very sheer  (MAC Face and Body). I only need concealer for any new spots.

Before- June 2014


After- September 2014 (keep in mind my sideburns are almost grown in in these pics, yes “almost” lol)





Save 15% Use Promotional Code: SEASONS2014 when placing your order at: Offer Expires: 9/30/2014

I totally forgot to order during the last sale and I’m pretty much out of vitamins. I’ve been taking 1 per day to stretch it out. I’m definitely ordering this time around. Who knows when the next sale will be!

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The night I straightened my hair, I put it into 7 or Bantu knots using Original Moxie’s Hair Bling for shine.


I have been working out regularly so my roots reverted completely. I’m also battling humidity. A few days later, I thought I could brush the roots and Bantu knot it again and get similar results…but this time I had a much looser, less defined wave.




Here are a couple more pics of my straightened hair. I live in Florida so it stays straight for all of 30 seconds. I’ve been wearing Bantu knot outs mostly because my hair poofed up so quickly. My hair is almost back where it was before I got it cut in June or July.



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