The night I straightened my hair, I put it into 7 or Bantu knots using Original Moxie’s Hair Bling for shine.


I have been working out regularly so my roots reverted completely. I’m also battling humidity. A few days later, I thought I could brush the roots and Bantu knot it again and get similar results…but this time I had a much looser, less defined wave.




Here are a couple more pics of my straightened hair. I live in Florida so it stays straight for all of 30 seconds. I’ve been wearing Bantu knot outs mostly because my hair poofed up so quickly. My hair is almost back where it was before I got it cut in June or July.




Low lighting and no makeup -_- I’ll post more pics after I style my hair for my sis’s bday dinner.



I had my last set of mini braids in for about 5 weeks. My roots grew out quite a bit. Here are some tips for caring for mini braids with new growth.

  1. Be extra gentle. The hair at the roots is loose and can easily break if braids are pulled too tightly. The tighter you pull the hair into a ponytail, bun, or other style…the neater it will look. Just remember that the hair at the roots is much weaker than the length of the braid so don’t pull the roots too tightly.
  2. Don’t scrub roots when shampooing. Use a gently massaging motion to keep the hair from snagging. Loose hair the roots is already being stretched to reach the braid and being wet makes the hair even weaker. Try not to put any tension on the braids when cleansing. Here’s my tutorial for cowashing mini braids.
  3. Keep finger nails trimmed and take off chipped polish before washing and styling hair. This is a big issue for me. Chipped nails will saw strands of hair in half. Manicure nails before doing hair to prevent issues.
  4. If there are strands of hair that are completely loose and you plan to wear your mini braids for a few more weeks, undue the nearest braid and rebraid that area. I don’t know how it happens, but I get loose strands of hair often and if I don’t rebraid them it will tangle around the braids.
  5. Listen for snapping sounds, especially if you’re fine-haired like me. Snapping means you aren’t being gentle enough or you are putting too much tension on the braids when styling.


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After I took out my mini braids, I tried out the Maximum Hydration Method. I don’t think I’d do it again because the whole process took far too long. What I did like about it was using the bentonite clay rinse as a last step (I usually use it first to cleanse my hair). To style my wash and go, I used a leave in from Miss Good Hair (it’s a Kinky Curly Knot Today dupe) and the site has great sales. Over the leave in, I used Super Wet gel (one of my summer favorites). I was really lazy and wore this wash and go for about 10 days! I never go that long, but I was away from home and didn’t pack any hair products whatsoever. I just used water to reshape my curls each day. I literally packed nothing hair related (other than my silk scarf and a wire headband). My hands and some water were all I used for the 4 days I was away…actually I hadn’t done anything to my hair the prior 6 days either. And if anyone is curious, yes my hair was dry af at the end of those 10 days, lol.

If you want to read more about how the Max Hydration Method works my 4a, frizzy, porous, fine textured hair, comment below and I will try it again and document the process.


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This is the last style diary photo set from my summer 2014 mini braids. I went to a friend’s birthday dinner and wore a lace skater dress. To complement the look, I wore my hair in a low bun with cornrows that were pinned at the back. This style was great to hide my frizzy edges.

I do have some articles on mini braids that I still need to write so stay tuned for that.


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This isn’t a hair related post, but this blog is my main online platform and I thought I’d share my juice cleansing experience here. I saw a lot of deals for pre-packaged juice cleanses on flash deal websites. I researched some options for a few months. Ultimately, I purchased Ouri’s 3 Day Juice Cleanse from The reviews were good and was by far the least expensive option for the juices plus shipping. The cost for pre-made juices are high, but I like that they are so convenient. I don’t have a juicer but I do use my blender to make green juices and it’s a hassle to shop often for fresh produce and prep it all. With my current schedule, it’s just easier for me to buy these pre-made.

Prior to this cleanse I hadn’t made it a whole day on nothing but juices, but I do do the occasional 24-36 hour water fast just to give my digestive system a break. I’m used to not eating anything solid for a day or two, so I was optimistic about this cleanse. My main goal for this 3 day cleanse was to give my system a break and restore the healthy bacteria in my digestive system.


The juices ship from NY and reached me on the east coast in one day. They were still semi- frozen. There are a total of 18 bottles and you drink 6 per day (which totals around 1200 calories per day). I decided to drink one juice every 2 hours. Other than juice I had peppermint tea and plain water. I took a few supplements during the cleanse- acidophilus, coconut oil, kyolic garlic, and I drank 1 tablespoon of psyllium husk with water.

Day one was okay. My favorite juice was the pineapple mint. I want to make it at home (and probably add some rum to it). The green juices were very similar to what I blend at home. The roots one was different but not bad. I absolutely hate coconuts so that one was really hard to get down. I had to hold my nose to drink it on the first day. I couldn’t handle it the other two days so I gave those away.

Day two- I felt really lethargic. I had to work and had no energy. I ate a small yogurt and had coffee with cream. It made the rest of the day much easier. I also had a sinus headache so I’m not sure if the cleanse was the issue or the headache. Since I had the yogurt, I felt it wasn’t a big deal if I didn’t finish all of the juices.

Day three- I had a yogurt for breakfast and juices the rest of the day (except coconut). I had a couple cups of coffee and black tea. I was still a bit tired and definitely looking forward to solid food.

Overall- I think I did pretty well. I mostly stuck to the juices. I didn’t finish all of them, but drank what I had left on day 4 (along with regular meals). It was overall a good experience. I still think a water only fast is easier than a liquid diet. The sugar in fruits upsets my stomach so next time I’d opt for green juices only. I would definitely purchase Ouri’s 3 Day Juice Cleanse again and do this every few months. I didn’t necessarily intend to lose weight, but of course weight loss is typical.  I’ve been working out for an hour or running 3 miles- 5 times a week. I also count calories. I’ve lost 18 lbs this summer. I have my routine down and this deviated from that a lot. I didn’t work out at all during the cleanse so I was worried about getting back into things afterward. I don’t think I was drinking as much water as I typically do (about 3 liters) because I only had liquids and wasn’t thirsty…so I did lose a lot of water weight. The results are below. The day after the cleanse, I stayed the same. Two days after, I gained 0.2 lbs.






Click here to purchase from Amazon- Ouri’s 3 Day Juice Cleanse Box 18 Bottles.



Yet another bun. I mostly pull my mini braids into a messy top knot bun, but if I’m going out, I go for something a bit more interesting. This particular night I made several large asymmetrical flat twists, then did a classic bun.



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I’ve taken my mini braids out. It feels so good to have the fro back. From the first day I started braiding to now- is about 7 weeks. The length of my braids looked good but the roots were grown out quite a bit. I haven’t had the time to post regularly, but I do have a few more mini braid pics and articles on queue.

Here’s a high bun I wore to the movies. I accessorized with a wire headband from Big Lots. I mentioned it in my summer favorites article. Of course, a bun is not complete without some mira-mira hoop earrings. I used my DIY braided extensions for added fullness, here are some options for prebraided hair on amazon- pre-twisted extensions, pre-braided extensions. A reader got some from ebay, so check there as well if you’re interested. I used Curls Passion Fruit Control Paste to smooth my edges. I used it a whole lot while in braids and it actually made it difficult to take out the braids around my edges, next time I know to shampoo before undoing the braids.


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Save 15% Use Promotional Code: Brush14 when placing your order at: Offer Expires: 7/27/2014

Hurry! This is a good deal (usually it’s 10%) and there was no code last month so who knows when the next one will come out. I’ll be sure to stock up this time around.

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Renee Dawes, Owner NaturelleGrow

Recently, I had the opportunity to interview Renee Dawes, the creator and owner of NaturelleGrow- Healthy Hair Growth Products. The NaturelleGrow product lineup includes cleansers, conditioners, moisturizers, and growth oils and balms to meet your needs.

1. How did you get started making handcrafted cosmetics?

I started handcrafting products early in my hair journey. For years I tried to figure out what products would help my hair grow long and healthy. Finally, exhausted from juggling different hair care products, I turned to my kitchen and created products that helped to grow my hair while keeping it healthy.

2. What motivated you to start NaturelleGrow?

When I first began formulating products, I shared my creations with close relatives and friends, who encouraged me to begin my own business. As I learned, created, and experimented, my initial offerings grew into a small product line of couture cleansers, conditioners, hair creams, and oils. And from this, NaturelleGrow Handmade Hair Growth Products was born.

3. What makes NaturelleGrow stand out amongst the competitors in the natural hair care industry?

NaturelleGrow is a David fighting against Goliath. There are a sea of hair company giants on the market offering mass-produced hair products. We are unique in the fact that our products are (1) Blended by hand in small batches (2) Our products contain fresh, natural homegrown ingredients, (3) Most importantly, our products have not been sitting on shelves. They are made to order giving our customer the best product available.

4. What products do you recommend for maintaining braids or other long term protective styles?

I would highly recommend our Mega Growth Oil – as the scalp needs to be maintained while in these styles. In addition to our Mega Growth Oil, I would recommend our Ginger Peach Leave-In conditioning spray. This spray will condition the hair while it is being maintained.

NaturelleGrow offers handmade, affordable products for every hair type. Click here to shop the website.

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